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  1. Tim Hill > Ken Giles Tim Hill> Zach Britton
  2. 4 hits 3 runs later and he has yet to retire a batter
  3. Thought Britton may actually get a save chance but of course not
  4. Odd, Viz hasnt pitched since the 17th. Something must be hurting.
  5. Pick Up Melancon. Strickland out 6-8 weeks
  6. Pitched the 7th and 8th innings tonight out of the bullpen after starting in all his other appearances.
  7. Seems when he is benched a lefty has been starting so maybe Mattingly is platooning him.
  8. Still playing 2nd base tonight so no immediate decision to put him back at 3rd.
  9. Darkwa on the sidelines getting stretched out. Maybe a hammy issue
  10. so Hyde and Gurley have an identical 11-45 rushing line at the half. So, there's that lol
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