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  1. Yeah but you'd think it would be the legs in that case. Sucks that getting plunked by a Jake Junis heater has contributed to the "injury prone" label. It is what it is. Bummed as a Yankee fan and owner.
  2. As for why: 1. He's raking at AAA 2. OPS vs. LHP: Hicks .366, Gardner .465 3. They face 5 or 6 LHP in the next 11 games: Gio, Duffy, Skoglund, Hamels, Heaney, Skaggs(?) All that, or Hicks has managed to get hurt again lol. Either way, he'll get his fair share of AB's over the next 2 weeks, and hopefully he sticks.
  3. Fair point. I also have warm & fuzzy memories of '09 Brian Fuentes.
  4. "We're gonna give Shohei a look in the 9th..."
  5. Bob "The Hammer" Hamelin 1994 AL ROY 312 ABs, 24 HR, 65 RBI, 64 R, .282/.388/.599
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