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  1. The Pats being well behind and in pass-only mode really limited his snaps in the 2nd half. Lewis and White dominated the hurry-up offense and shotgun snaps, and it seemed like Burkhead only got in about 5-7 plays in the 2nd half...Great fantasy production overall last night, but still a bit worrisome with his 2nd half usage and Pittsburgh on tap for next week. I'd feel more comfortable if the Pats were playing a lesser opponent this week, with a more balanced gameplan being likely....While he has been fantastic these last few weeks, I think the worry with the 3-headed monster of Lewis, Burkhead, and White, is if the Pats go pass heavy with Lewis and White in the backfield and Burkhead can't find the endzone (I mean you can't count on him to score every week). A potential zero out of your RB or FLEX spot would be a crushing blow to your team's lineup. While the fantasy ceiling and TD potential is high for Burkhead, the potential floor is could be extremely low, making him a more risk/reward play than one would hope for in the playoffs.
  2. Kemba has really turned it on lately and I think the gap is fairly close, but I’d go with Wall. Help with mine?
  3. If you can get offer 2, go for it. I don’t think the difference between Green and Gordon is as big as the gap between Gasol and Warren.
  4. Drop Gay. He isn’t producing much lately and will only go down once Leonard returns. Help with mine?
  5. Out of the trade options, I like the George + Dunn deal...I dropped Chriss a little while ago and have zero regrets. He stinks...I’d prolly even do the Oladipo + DSJ trade too. Chriss has very little value to me, if I could you can package him and get a solid return, go for it.
  6. It’s still early. No IL spots I assume? If it’s a weekly league, I’d hold tight, when Gobert and Kawhi get back you’ll be fine. If the league is daily changes and no IL, the injuries will hurt and it’ll be hard to compete for the next month. Though you prolly won’t get full value back, I look to move Gobert, in a package with Rubio (as you’re already punting assists)...I’d target Butler over Porter in reference to your OP.
  7. I’d drop Randle. Crowded frontcourt, Kuzma has been filling it up lately and Nance is coming back soon. He will need a trade to get enough minutes. Help with mine?
  8. I like buying low on Turner...Brogdan's reduced role with the Bledsoe trade puts a real dent in his value. As for the second post, I like the Embiid + Middleton side. As long as he stays healthy, Embiid is an absolute stud. Help with mine?
  9. H2H, 10-categories(off & def rebounds). Team in signature below. Who would u rather have? WHIR.
  10. "Account settings", then the "signature" section...Yea, I've had Murray twice and dropped him twice. Everytime I watch him he goes off though. Hence why I'm considering picking him up for a third time. Haha.
  11. I ended up dropping Prince for Dinwiddie...Now I’m debating dropping Rondo for Jamal Murray...Just dropped Murray to activate Rondo a few days ago. Roster decisions in 10-team leagues are maddening.
  12. If IT is coming back in Dec., I’d go with him. Especially in Roto.
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