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  1. I agree with @buckets88 . If you have the depth, go for it. Thanks for the help on mine!
  2. Of course the Carson/Deebo side wins. If your asking is it veto material, my answer is no. Last place team may need players to start THIS WEEK, which Carson and Deebo clearly will not. Help?
  3. I would deal Zeke for Jacobs, and that's it from your list. Mixon gets volume but hasn't been as involved in the passing game as we had hoped. Gio has put up great numbers in the last 2 games as well. Help?
  4. I would not. You called it, Miles is a walking injury risk. Obviously, his stats were inflated by the early season schedule, but for them to be competitive he's gotta chuck it...so you could get GTP. I actually think he can carry you ROS. Help?
  5. In a heartbeat! Can't survive w/ Tua right now. Help?
  6. It's hard to not want Sammy because he's in the best offense in football. But he's like the 4th option and will the guy ever get healthy? I gotta go with Agholor. He's finally coming on. Help a brutha out?
  7. Have had a carousel at RB because Mixon has been a dud. Wanting to shore up w/ a solid RB2. Most of my depth is at WR and Mike Thomas coming back should help. Non-PPR and my roster is below. Start 2RB, 3WR and a flex. Leave a link and I'll help in return. Tannehill Mixon Gio Justin Jackson McKinnon Mike Davis DJ Dallas Latavius Murray Mike Thomas Diggs Mike Evans Amari Cooper Jonnu KC D/ST
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