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  1. Gallen’s command is exceptional. One of the things that makes him so good is he keeps the ball out of the heart of the zone. He lives on corners or just outside of the zone. https://www.mlb.com/news/zac-gallen-command-greg-maddux
  2. Not Gallen. Strictly about Super 2 at this point. https://mobile.twitter.com/SwingsAndMishes/status/1137071503609143300
  3. Another option would be if they elect to go with a 6 man rotation. In the Marlins case I could see benefit to this. They’re not competing for anything and have 3 SPs in which they will look to manage inning on - Smith, Lopez, and Alcantara. It will also allow them to see what they have in Gallen and have him to begin to get experience at the MLB level. He has nothing left to prove or work on in AAA New Orleans.
  4. Anthony Swarzak has looked absolutely atrocious of late - his numbers look a lot prettier than he’s performed. I know a lot of you have shares with Roenis Elias but I don’t see him as a long game closing option for the Mariners. He’s not exactly setting the world on fire either but does serve value in lefty matchups & multi innings. I’d keep an eye on Brandon Brennan. He’s been outstanding and has worked his way into higher leverage spots. Kind of a cool story - he was a ho hum MiLB relief pitcher in the White Sox organization that developed a change up and started throwing it
  5. I saw him throw Vs a watered down Brewers lineup in Peoria on 3/20. Sat right behind home plate - He sat primarily 89-91, with a few 92s. In that game his FB command was alright but it was very clear he was pitching to impress/dominate by how many sliders he was throwing. His slider is no doubt a great pitch but it’s important to remember in spring you got kids like him playing for a spot, and lots of dudes just getting work. Can lead to inflated stat lines.
  6. Yea - I'd say so. The Pale Hose are to the point right now where you can basically stream at will on, and Straily's pitched well lately. Few things to keep in mind - 2nd time they've seen Straily in the last week, Straily is a fly ball pitcher, The Cell gives up a lot of HRs, 10-15 mph wind blowing slightly out and to RF - keep an eye on that. He's a 4 pitch command guy so hitting his spots will be very important cause in my opinion his stuff isn't good enough to make up for being a little off with his command. Keep the FB down on the corners, continue to see good tilt out of that slider,
  7. FoulLine, Here's what Cmilne has essentially said in about 2 pages worth of posts to combat your 5 pages worth of posts in this thread(yes, I know - it's an exaggeration). He's provided plenty of information on why he feels the way he does. He owns Straily and wants him to be good, but he thinks he'll be more of a 3-4 type starter in the future a lot like Scott Baker. He disagrees with how high you are on Straily. The reason he disagrees is he feels his FB isn't dominate in either velocity or life, and while Straily has shown a good slider - his change up has been non existent at the MLB lev
  8. While I think Straily is a good stream Vs the Astros, and could have a nice mid rotation future - I hate to party poop but where are some of you guys getting this "ace potential", "tons of upside", and "believe me you won't be sorry" stuff? I'm not trying to be a douche - but I'm up for a healthy debate. First off to answer Jay's question - yes the plan is for Straily to be sent down after this start for Colon - so as others have mentioned for him to get back on the rotation it'll take an injury/poor performance(which is likely to happen in any rotation). Ok - on to Straily - I get it - he h
  9. Sorry for hijacking the Tim Lincecum thread but I have to stick up for by boy here - dude seriously? Felix has dealt with crap since he has been in Seattle and has done nothing but battle and give his best effort - I've never even hard Seattle sports talk radio whisper this thought - NO WHERE. Felix loves being a Mariner, loves the city of Seattle - you base him checking out on what? Body language - does he have to throw a fit and punch water coolers when he gives up runs to show you he cares? You knocked another poster in this thread for questioning you on this saying cause he doesn't live
  10. I agree 100%...I just think the Tim Lincecum we saw last season, a very good pitcher - is who he is. Not the Tim Lincecum of '08 and '09 which was absolutely insane good. The dude's an ace, no doubt. But with declining velocity, declining K rate for 4 years, and increasing walk rate for 3 years - I think he's best years are behind him. The velocity isn't coming back, and per fangraphs his fastball is no longer grading out to be a plus option, it's actually a below average option. When Timmy threw 94-95 and grabbed 97 when he needed it he didn't have to be fine with his command considering how
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