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  1. 2 big games in a row and Pistons in tank mode. Thoughts???
  2. Best case scenario. Few weeks of rest. Who is the pickup?
  3. Thoughts on Howard with Embiid out? 15-10 upside?
  4. Run don't walk to go pickup Howard. I am guessing week or 2 minimum best case. Worst case serious ligament damage.
  5. That's actually good news. No covid nonsense.
  6. Practiced in full yesterday so should be back soon. Lousy team being extra cautious.
  7. Can this guy be a 15 pt 5 assist type guy with Fultz out or is that his upside only?
  8. Weekly leagues.... Sit all of the affected Heat players? I would assume its a 7 day quarantine right?
  9. Harris Curry Milton all out next week for Sixers. Green and Maxey locks for ~30 minutes in my opinion. Theis should be productive with all the Celtics big men out all week.
  10. Agreed one week rental with Harris Milton and Curry all out on covid list. Should be a lock for around 30 minutes a game though even with Simmons Embed cleared.
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