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  1. Mookie just helped me repeat back to back baseball championships! Glad I benched the bum Bellinger for this guy.
  2. is this guy playing Today or no? sunday night 7pm game against the CLE indians. If not sterling marte's getting his spot on UTIL.
  3. this guy is my favorite player in NBA2k18!!!! make it rain for days big booiii!
  4. wrestle it away big boy! jingle bells mothafu#ka! you deserve it over the bumbling stumbling fumbling human Cheapshot. what typa name is Zaza anyway? sound like a garbage mediterranean chef.
  5. finally steve kerr gets his head outta his demented a** and starts the athletic future allstar big over the walking hobag cheapshot.
  6. same! wtf zaza! what a useless pos. cockblock is right. now jordan bell can't chime on xmas day. thanks zaza. gtfo. hope he breaks his leg.
  7. but draymond is his constant. he's his champion. you gotta play bell with draymond instead of bell with scrubs off the bench. its clear theres a dynamic duo forming and the chemistry is undeniable with those two. unless iggy wants to be his best friend and dish him easy basket layups and dunk finishes.
  8. how Zaza pachoolia is a starting center, let alone player int he nba escapes me. whats even more infuriating is the fact that everyone, even a retard can see that jordan bell balls out way the hell better than zaza . everyone but his coach. did steve kerr have a couple strokes in teh offseason or something???
  9. is he klay thompson reborn/ ? dude can shoot. I had klay a few years back. his rookie season was like this. came outta nowhere. helped me win a ship.
  10. ugh gets some damn steals bro. 0.4 per game is something a lumbering 7 foo 2 clumsy center would get.
  11. i love 1/1/1 guys. they win fantasy championships. sooo sooo undervalued.
  12. https://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/nba/224580/invitation?key=adfc7c2138a37913&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=d5f3b5d01c070f9f
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