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  1. Moving on in my shallow league team
  2. All depends for who and if your team is struggling to make the playoffs/ your playoffs are starting
  3. Late season pickup at no cost. Enjoy the highs and lows This isn't like a high pick like Oubre Jr who downright is disappointing It's fun to enjoy the highs with fellow fantasy ballers
  4. This guy playing like norm Powell when he was on raptors. I'll take the efficiency. Greedy to be asking for the assists back?
  5. If guy comes back with another strong game I'm dropping JJJ for him
  6. Moses getting the start over Nurk until further notice
  7. Own both Roco and Nurk. Waiting on bubble Nurk too but enjoying the Roco stock fest
  8. Just want to vent. Still hanging on to him in a league with no IL. Playoffs start mid April. Idk guess I like the pain
  9. Slight Agree with donut Mitch has a larger sample size overall but a small sample size with Thibs as his coach.. so its not homerun on my evaluation Thanks
  10. it's a toss up at this point. Stew getting more minutes and a possible plumlee trade happening. plus he's hitting some 3's. Wiseman is an unknown still and supposedly will be getting a lot of minutes. expect inconsistency with either i give slight edge to wisemann since he has better teammates
  11. then drop keldon. these are nice problems to have. 10 team leagues you're always going to be cutting good players. maybe next week it changes and you don't like graham's fg% and you drop him for someone else
  12. long turn you want to keep Hunter since memphis is mysterio with JJJ return can't be sure how long slo mo maintaining value. Wright situation a little murky with Hayes returning and DSJ + im forgetting the other PG on the roster +Daillo addition Why not take a flyer on Poole since Wiggins is vanilla and oubre has been vomit inducing i guess i'd roll with slo mo if i had to choose between him and Wright
  13. Who is your guy in h2h 9 cat league? leave a link thanks
  14. as said above, depends who you drop in a 10 team league which no doubt has a deep FA pool. looks you can use the blocks unless you're doihg a FT punt
  15. toss up between keldon and schroeder
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