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  1. Please participate in the poll!
  2. or Darnold but Fitz seems most likely to get moved. Jameis Winston has a shot to go to.
  3. How long is this injury lasting? what is a foot injury?: lisfranc ruled out I assume?
  4. I see the Edelman role. TB and AB have some weird love connection. Every sane guy has a crazy friend they keep grounded. Edelman was an easy 150 targets in a balanced offense that used the backs a lot. The extra passing and lack or rb use will help balance out Godwins target siphoning. Evans is not an issue for targets. He turns into Gallup.
  5. He had a preseason and 1 game in the nfl last year right? So what really separates him from the rest of the league? extra rest? a little bit of rust? Don't stretch it out to 2 years to make your point. Mental health is the major concern here plus extra suspension but that seems ridiculous at this point to suspend him again after TB signs him (unless he does something again).
  6. How long is this injury lasting? what is a foot injury?: lisfranc ruled out I assume?
  7. BREES will not get benched unless he benches himself for the sake of the team. You really think mr. pick six is a better option in an offense designed for Brees?
  8. Great mentor for Swift, the best rb in the draft. Kerryon injury will pave the way for Swift to take over the backfield. Peterson will get at least a handful of carries each game and maybe goalline shots along the way. He could eventually be cut or traded if Kerryon remains healthy. I just wish the Lions running game wasnt a dumpster fire. Can talent overcome that? I hope so because i'd love him in my flex.
  9. Breshad Perriman is a great talent. Lacks route running but has all the tools. He can at least stretch the field which is all Robby did last year despite being a better route runner.
  10. Gordon will be the safety net in all likelihood and the redzone back. He'll see more value touches and more touches overall with the best O line he's ever had. He's a good goal line back, too, so overall I see double digit tds and 1000 total yards. Solid RB2 with 40 plus receptions. Denver is very good at getting these targets to their rbs and Gordon is better than the other guys at catching and blocking so expect more. His ypc will suck but how much will that matter? He's not getting benched. He might lose work between the 20s and he'll be healthy ALL SEASON. Cant decide if i prefer hi
  11. Joking … right? I think it's a broken rib that one could play through if it's the playoffs. Problem is they don't need him so he's not rushing back.
  12. I don't buy the optimism. Practice squad insurance = pessimism
  13. I think my original projection might hold, ha! Hopefully, we see him soon.
  14. I doubt it. Maybe 10 touch ceiling but he's worth a poke. Not impossible to see him seize the role from two mediocre rbs who aren't long term options.
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