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  1. He's not listed on the Patriots' injury report this week.
  2. Please tell me you stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night
  3. Am I crazy to think he can still get close to 30 minutes? With both Green and Gasol gone a lot of minutes opened up. JJJ and JV will get their minutes but if Rabb can play both PF and C he could get a lot of minutes, especially when JJJ is in foul trouble. The problem might be he and JV don't shoot 3's so they may not want to play Rabb next to JV for spacing issues.
  4. I also think he'll return 2nd round value and after reading some of the posts here after this week I got to thinking if he would be a good buy low. Appreciate the feedback.
  5. He had a rough shooting week, but he's still ranked 17th over the last 2 weeks. Not sure why he couldnt keep this up for the rest of the season. Everyone goes through shooting slumps, even the great ones. Not an owner but would be interested in hearing what you guys would sell him for.
  6. He was outplayed by the bench. I don't think the coach looked stupid at all. Middleton was not helping them on the court and wasn't shooting well. Just because they lost doesn't make this a poor decision by the coach. I like Middleton, I think he's a great player when motivated, but when he's not hustling and shooting poorly he's replaceable.
  7. Fantasy aside I like this move by the coach. Play hard or ride the pine. I think some coaches are afraid to do this with their better players.. Maybe it will light a fire under his %ss for next game.
  8. Was watching the game and it looked like his effort wasn't there, Lazily went for a rebound and the Knicks got it and scored. Got pulled shortly after. Hopefully this wont be a trend but he may be in the coach's doghouse.
  9. sang a new line for the Halleluka song today watching the game. He takes a shot, another brick There goes my FG, you f'n prick Holy f'n hellaLuka Still love ya Luka, come back strong Sunday
  10. It was a blowout, he only played 25 minutes. The same goes for the game before. His stat line today wasnt that bad really. I don't have any shares of Jimmy but I'd gladly take some. He's their go to guy in the clutch and I'd imagine when Philly is involved in close games he'll be putting up some nice lines again.
  11. I'm holding. Most likely he does lose a few points but I don't think the return of Dunn and Markkannen will hurt that much. Jabari has a pretty high usage rate in the starting lineup now and I don't think Markkannen's will be any higher. Dunn will probably handle the ball more but he's not a big scorer, so Lavine will still get plenty of shots and may even get some better looks and cut down on his TOs a bit. Lavine will still be their best scorer and go to guy.
  12. I think you have to make that decision based on your own team and league settings. KAT is generally the more efficient player and Embiid can get you more points and assists. And as mentioned above KAT's durability should also be taken into account.
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