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  1. Wow, nice response for the first 24 hours. We have 11 teams signed up already, looking for 5 more competitive, responsible owners. I'm 54 years old, have played fantasy online sine 2003. Have been Commissioner of prior leagues, including a similar setup 10 years ago in which that league is still going to my knowledge. I had to leave it for personal reasons at the time. Not opposed to younger folk but you need to be committed. Cheers.
  2. Hello. I am looking for committed, responsible owners for this league. This is a 16 team Keeper league with 4 divisions. The setup works as follows: 1)Team names will be of those teams in MLB, 2) Once the 16 owners are found an automated draft of those teams will be done and an email and league message post will disclose the order of those teams, 3) Based on that order, owners will select the team name they want and name 5 keepers from that team(e.g.If Dodgers chose, then perhaps Mookie, Bellinger, Buehler, Kershaw and Seager are the 5 Keepers named), 4) Draft of the remainder 20 spots will se
  3. Ok, thanks. My email is troywnick@yahoo.ca and I would love to give your league a try. Been playing online fantasy since 2003 in all major sports. I'll take the Bambinos.
  4. Hello, I'm a bit intrigued by this. Is there a place on your Message Board to know the current status of each player with regards to Keeper years left or would i have to ask on the players I would like to keep. Sorry to hear of the creator's passing.I would have a interest in the Bambinos if considered.
  5. This League Finder Service is great but not everyone uses Rotoworld. ESPN and Yahoo use to have Message Boards but they seem to have been eliminated. Does anyone know of other League Finder Services a person could use to post leagues on or to find another league to join? Thanks!
  6. Hey Everyone, I will be embarking on my first real true dynasty league experience with a minor league draft and prospect roster spots. Did a Keeper League a number years back but not to the degree this will be. Am wondering what are the best resources to turn to for quality info and reviews on the minor league prospects. Do folk go so far as to monitor even high school prospects? Thanks for any suggestions in advance.
  7. You have peeked my curiosity, never done fantrax before but have done fantasy baseball since 2003 online. Have Commished a few leagues over that time including a 20 team Dynasty that still runs till this day tho I had to leave for personal reasons 5 years ago. Willing to listen to what your offering and go from there...Email is troywnick@yahoo.ca
  8. Ok, send me invites to both. Not sure if I can salvage this week this close to kickoff but will have things in place for next week.
  9. Still looking to take over a team. Had a few inquiries but not a fit.
  10. I currently only have one Team this season and would like to get a second one. I prefer it to be a Yahoo, Free,H2H League but would consider other options. I have played online since 2004 so have lots of experience. Drop a line here or email me at troywnick@yahoo.ca
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