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  1. I feel like Waller constantly makes plays to get them into scoring position, and then they dial up these goal line plays to backup TEs like Moreau instead.
  2. He stayed in the game for the next play and ran a route though.
  3. LaFleur’s illogical obsession with giving Jamal Williams as many snaps as he can get away with is incredibly annoying.
  4. Sounds good, thank you. We have to bid on our players with a budget, so I don't think I'll waste my money then.
  5. I agree that you shouldn't be as impressed about a start against the Mariners as you would be if he had done the same against Boston, but there's something to be said about a pitcher being able to go out and dominate the offenses that he should.
  6. Bog, what are your thoughts on mixed league value for Justin Masterson? He's off to a hot start and is on my radar.
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