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  1. I'm considering flexing him. I haven't heard anything about him being on the COVID list, and the Browns are down to one backup WR. I would guess that Hooper and Hunt get the majority of the targets from Mayfield.
  2. Down to one last decision for my championship bid. NON-PPR league. Curtis Samuel @ WAS or Austin Hooper @ NYJ ? NON-PPR. WHIR!
  3. I don't think it would be crazy to start Gibson over Taylor. Like you said, they are playing in a must-win game, might be playing with the lead against a Carolina team without stars or motivation, etc. That said, Taylor is a fine start. I don't really think you can go wrong. I might be tempted to play Gibson too, though.
  4. Yeah, I'm actually sort of behind the eight ball, as my opponent had Evans today, and I had Dalvin Cook go for a pedestrian game. I guess I can make the call around noon, and play for a homerun with Tyron if I'm falling way behind in the projected result.
  5. I think I would start Taylor. Pitt looked awful against CIN.
  6. Down to one last decision for my championship bid. NON-PPR league. Curtis Samuel @ WAS or Tyron Johnson vs. DEN ? NON-PPR. WHIR!
  7. Thanks for this. I read it and pulled Gesicki out. So far, a very good move.
  8. Parker out. Miami needs to win. QB playing well. I'm going to flex Gesicki.. my alternatives aren't that great. I think he's going to get targeted a bunch, as long as he doesn't re-injure his shoulder.
  9. I would think about Gaskin, if he's playing today, but I also think playing it safe with Taylor and Wilson (healthy) is okay, too. They are all pretty good Week 16 plays. This is such a random week.. good luck.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm staring down a tough decision for my Week 16 W/T flex in a NON-PPR league My choices are: Curtis Samuel @WAS or Russell Gage @KC or Mike Gesicki (Q, assuming he's active today) @LV or DJ Chark vs. CHI WHIR!
  11. Facing the same dilemma. Going with Washington, purely because the Saints didn't look very good last game, Minnesota has more dangerous offensive players, and Washington will be very motivated (whereas Carolina will not be, and no McCaffrey I believe). I think they are both good plays, but I'm thinking Washington.
  12. I'd probably go with the Dolphins, too. The Saints looked out of sync last time around, too, and could put the defense in some tough spots.
  13. Gesicki? Just making sure Kittle isn't somehow know as South Beach...
  14. I have THREE options at TE, none great, for Week 16 in a NON-PPR league. George Kittle @ ARI or Mike Gesicki @LV or Eric Ebron vs. IND WHIR!
  15. I have two decent options for DST plays this weekend, WHIR Who would you start? New Orleans vs. MIN or Washington vs. CAR WHIR
  16. Wilson. I could see sitting him for certain players, but I wouldn't do it for Trubisky.
  17. I've been riding Wilson all year, but winning despite him lately. I have Jalen Hurts. Would you start Russell Wilson vs. LA Rams or Jalen Hurts @ DAL ? WHIR
  18. Bengals to Steelers: "You know where you are? You're in the Jungle, baby. You're gonna DIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!"
  19. I don't feel good playing him, but I'm seriously thinking about it right now, since my other options aren't that great. I haven't read anything yet about how he's looked.
  20. This is a non-ppr league. DJ Chark @. BAL or Tre-Quan vs. KC Chark has been straight up killing me, but he's playing and will get targeted. Still, it's Baltimore and they've sucked. Michael Thomas is done and New Orleans will need to throw to keep up with KC in a probable shoot-out. Who would you start? WHIR
  21. Wondering the same thing. Still haven't heard anything, so I'm benching him for Russel Gage. I guess I'll check again in an hour, but he seems super risky.
  22. Who would you flex in an NON-PPR (Standard) league - Jordan Reed @NYG or Tre-Quan Smith vs. GB?
  23. I like players like Brogdon. He's like a Eric Snow. He's not gonna hurt your percentages, you can slot him at PG or SG and expect some points, dimes, boards. He's built solid. He's a year older. I think he could be good.
  24. Yeah, I think Cleveland's DST is gonna be a decent option all year. At Oakland is a bit of a toss-up, but I think they have a decent floor with the sacks and turnovers they create. If I can get Seattle's DST on waivers, I'd rather roll them against Arizona, though.
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