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  1. Hey, have you heard of Hoops Active? It's a great new Basketball Forum! Here's the link if you want to check it out & sign up: http://hoopsactive.com/forums/

  2. George's potential is Durant? are u joking?? George hasn't reached his potential yet, but he's nowhere near being a player of Durant's caliber. A little early to go that far. as a matter of fact, I bet his production decreases when Granger comes back, as Granger is still their first option. He's a beast, don't get me wrong, but he has a ways to go before he can be considered with the superstars of this league.
  3. points, rebounds, free throws, threes will definitely go down with granger around... steals and blocks might slightly take a dip, as well, as granger might also eat at those. not saying he's gunna be much worse, but his usage will undeniably subside with granger in the line-up. i hope his value gets better based on increased efficiency and maybe a couple added assists (i just traded for him, so trust me, i do), but it's hard to imagine.
  4. of course he takes a hit with granger back...he goes from first option to second. he'll still hold great value, but wont be getting as many counting stats
  5. obviously, granger is a better player. i never saw the hype in george. outside of being a nice defender, his game is still raw. i always felt people were reaching when proclaiming him a superstar talent. even before the granger injury, people were pickin him way too soon.
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