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  1. George's potential is Durant? are u joking?? George hasn't reached his potential yet, but he's nowhere near being a player of Durant's caliber. A little early to go that far. as a matter of fact, I bet his production decreases when Granger comes back, as Granger is still their first option.

    He's a beast, don't get me wrong, but he has a ways to go before he can be considered with the superstars of this league.

  2. The counting stats won't be affected. I don't see how you can figure that. He still will have the same hustle in his game. I guess I can see asts dropping slightly if anything, but that might be the opposite of what happens since he'll have a scorer in Granger to dish to.

    I can see his shots going down with his percentages going up, and that is ok with me. My team has scoring locked down, it's the percentages I need to start correcting.

    points, rebounds, free throws, threes will definitely go down with granger around... steals and blocks might slightly take a dip, as well, as granger might also eat at those. not saying he's gunna be much worse, but his usage will undeniably subside with granger in the line-up. i hope his value gets better based on increased efficiency and maybe a couple added assists (i just traded for him, so trust me, i do), but it's hard to imagine.

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