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  1. I think I would prefer McLaurin. While Woods offers a solid floor, I just think Terry is more likely to have a few blow up games and larger target share. Help me out?
  2. Lockett and it’s not close if u ask me. Too many mouths to feed in TB.
  3. Woods isn’t a spring chicken and the Rams aren’t exactly lighting the world on fire offensively. If u ask me, do it either way, but try to get the first.
  4. 12 team 1/2 PPR I’m commissioner of my league and wanted to hear some opinions on this trade that some league members are complaining about. Team A (3-5, one game out of playoffs, lost Ertz and Hooper to injury) Team B (1-7) Team A receives Melvin Gordon Rob Gronkowski Team B receives Ezekiel Elliott Corey Davis Malcom Brown The two owners do not associate with each other so it isn’t collusion. Which side won the trade and do you think it should be vetoed? Thanks, will reply to your posts in return.
  5. Personally I think this kid is a monster in the making but until he figures out lefties he profiles as a possible platoon bat. Reminds me of a high OBP version of Lonnie Chisenhall at the moment but with upside for much more. Anybody complaining that a prospect is too selective is nuts - people say the same thing about Joey Votto and look where that’s gotten him.
  6. Who is closer in Minny? Did Hildenverger get the save and is he worth an add? Belisle should have been available.
  7. nice... let the guy throw 110 pitches opening day coming off TJ surgery lmao... his arm will fall off again soon. the arm action on that slider is not pretty.
  8. watching the game, i think he legitimately throws 65% sliders.
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