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  1. At least one more time through the heart of the lineup and he's had no luck with Pujols. I'm a bit nervous.
  2. Even with the Callaspo HR in the 7th, I'm thrilled with this start. The Angels have underperformed this season, but it's a lineup full of guys who should be good hitters (and a couple who actually have been this year) and he held his own. Something to build on.
  3. ESPN has him starting tomorrow in Pittsburgh against Cole.
  4. I think he's auditioning to keep his job today. Sonny Gray nearly got the call and is waiting in the wings. I still don't have the confidence to toss him out there anytime soon, but as a dynasty owner I was getting a bit concerned that he was going to get passed up. With the Oakland organization having good SP depth, it's essential that Straily show well enough this year that he is thought of as a future fixture in the rotation. Don't want to get caught in the whole fighting for your rotation spot every time out for too long. Today should have definitely gone a ways in building some con
  5. I doubt he sticks, just been too bad this year.
  6. Texas got shutdown by Rogers and Wang Good teams get shut down, it doesn't mean that everyone is going to do it. I'm leaning toward starting him, but pretty on the fence about it. The reasons to start him have a lot more to do with him being very good lately than the Rangers being fairly bad.
  7. You can't strike out the numbers he was in the PCL last year without having legit skills on causing wiffs. I definitely see them coming.
  8. Texas hasn't been hitting well lately, but it is still really tough to start a pitcher with @Tex next to their name. I think I'm going to chance it, but I am not confident.
  9. Dumb walk leads to an ER, but still been very happy with his outing tonight. With his pitch count, he can go 7-8.
  10. Could have been better and could have been worse. Where have the K's gone lately?
  11. I've touted him and have never disappeared from doing so and I still am not convinced after his shutting down a less than full strength Rangers lineup in Arlington. He has some skills. No one does what he did in the PCL without skill. That said, MLB hitters are a world of difference compared to AAA guys. Can't really say one way or another at this point. A lot of guys can excel in the minors and have it not translate the the majors. Conversely, a lot of guys struggle and then figure it out.
  12. Guys this is what PM's are for. How does any of what this has devolved into belong in the Brett Anderson thread?
  13. Don't think it's going to impact him a ton at the beginning when Granger is getting his legs back. In time it might hurt George's scoring just a touch, but nothing big.
  14. I think that's because I've followed Batum for his entire career and recognize that he's still not playing anywhere near where he could be right now simply because he's having to do so much on the floor for the Blazers this year. George, on the other hand, seems like he's playing to his potential. Both still have lots of room to improve, but if Batum and George are playing on a similar level right now despite Batum producing nowhere near his 100%, that's what makes me think Batum is much better. I love George a lot as well; I started following him after many people thought he'd be the dark hor
  15. Scary thing about George for those who don't own him is watching him it really seems like he's just scratching the surface of what he can do. He gets the hustle stats and 3's which is already a rarity, but his efficiency should increase a great deal as he matures in the league. Top 15 numbers are awful nice for a 22 year old who has that much room for improvement.
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