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  1. Just add drops count. You add a guy its 1 move against limit. Bench moves into lineup do not affect the # against limit.
  2. Great - did you email me yesterday about you + a friend possibly?
  3. Looking for 3 more owners for a long running 10 team roto redraft 5x5 league on ESPN. Only $100 buy in and top 3 take winnings. League has 27 man rosters and daily moves with a season long moves limit. Using LeagueSafe to collect fees. Draft time is March 24th @ 7pm EST (we have some flexibility if draft time is your only issue). If interested please email me at mtw02@yahoo.com. Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone - we added LeagueSafe payment option. It is a redraft / rotisserie league. Draft is March 24th at 7pm EASTERN. We have a few slots remaining. Please message for info! —mtw02@yahoo.com
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