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  1. Too bad Jaylen isn't TE eligible tomorrow vs AZ 🤣
  2. What are you guys doing with this guy? He is explosive but this 3 headed backfield is going to be dicey.
  3. Just grabbed him. We've seen stranger things than someone like this being an asset on championship teams. Not saying he will be, but could be. Worth a shot, especially in full PPR. 96 receptions at Cal 2017-18 combined
  4. The OJ, Engram, Henry, Vance tier has been garbage this year besides Henry at times. Wowzers
  5. Because Campbell has draft equity in in Indy and isnt a butterfinger bum like Cheetah Rogers
  6. How does Parris Campbell return impact this intriguing Pascal play?
  7. This guy is an investment banker with 2 degrees. Fire him up.
  8. Thank the fantasy gods for that TD. Pretty one too. I know what you mean and see the same thing. It is because he's not 100%. Watch his routes against Green Bay earlier this year. Electric.
  9. On this note, their RB3 Boone is a SPARQ freak as well and talented. He and Dalvin joke they are clones. And don't forget Abdullah has been involved. So who knows if Mattison is even the bell cow in that scenario
  10. The difference is upper body injuries for running backs are bad for business ie James Connor I do remember many years ago Willis McGahee scoring 3 TDs with broken ribs. Not sure about shoulder/chest though... This is tricky.
  11. Anyone who has a Week 14 Bye... I like Week 15 Atlanta comments here. Also a hashtag Revenge Game
  12. t.y. said publicly they might shut him down for the year, per Jeff Ratcliffe PFF. Definitely not playing this week and writing is on the wall for remainder of season. I would drop if i owned him.
  13. 31 TDs in first 31 games... This year is still blowing my mind...
  14. Slim Fit by Express Flex Appeal this week? Avg 16 touches past 2 weeks.
  15. OBJ for sure given the price tag and all the hype. it's crazy he was better with Eli
  16. Chiefs placed RB Darrel Williams (hamstring) on injured reserve. The Chiefs will move forward with Damien Williams (ribs), LeSean McCoy, Darwin Thompson and recently-signed RB Spencer Ware. This figures to be a committee, as coach Andy Reid stated, "We’re not fooling anybody here, (McCoy)’s not getting any younger, so it’s my responsibility to manage him as best I can, and I think I know him as well as anybody." McCoy could very well lead the Chiefs backfield in snaps and touches if both Damien and Darrel are sidelined in Week 14. Still, it seems incredibly likely that the team's sixt
  17. Tatum Bell is still the next Clinton Portis
  18. This still feels like a "show me something" week and more comfort starting in Week 15. Unless A) You need him or B. You have big marbles. They say receiving back can beat the Pats. I wish Darrel was healthy though... sigh.
  19. How do you guys feel about him heading into the playoffs? Good replacement if Dalvin misses time?
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