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  1. Malcom Brown is a good player but I am getting sick of his production. I heard on fantasy radio they ran the ball down the 9ers throat opening drive last week then McVay abandoned the run because his brain thinks being down one score is like 21 points. Added injury to insult with the ankle injury. I'm holding him but my confidence is wavering on him even being worth a spot on my team, let alone a difference maker. The curious case of Malcom Brown
  2. Gimme a break. He has legit overall QB1 potential. On pace to match Vick rushing record. Good luck selling
  3. JAG? Yeah okay. Lat Murray is the consumate professional. He is not scared of the Bears and in career games with 15 carries or more he averages 15 fantasy points. I'm not uber confident in this matchup, but JAG he is not. He was efficient last week and had a long touchdown called back. I'm heard the bears are in the bottom 10 in receptions allowed to RBs as well. If you don't have a better option roll him out there
  4. Starting him tomorrow. Sincerely, Former OJ/Herndon/JCook Owner
  5. The winning formula was the Baltimore game. McCoy and Darrell. How could you McCoy haters ever suggest Shady is washed up?... Hmm looks pretty dam good to me. If they were to increase his workload, he could handle it. He has handled a heavy workload with longevity as great as anyone in the past 10 years.
  6. Do you guys know or think Engram will be back next week?
  7. How did this guy look? For real. Unbiased. Anyone?
  8. Never saw him jump like that before. Unreal. Even though he is a flawed human being, his talent and skills are "generational", as they say.
  9. On pace for 2nd most passing yards all time. Sincerely, Not a Matt Ryan owner
  10. I just got back from the store and think i saw this dude on a milk carton Missing Persons. What the heck Boyd?!
  11. Awesome, thankful he is holding onto the rock
  12. He is a solid flex and bye week fill-in. He is always a threat for 100 yards, but will have to create his own long TDs which he is obviously capable of. Just never know when theyre coming. Based on where we drafted him, and the usual falloff at RB after the top 15-20, Breida is solid ROI
  13. Cant believe this guy is actually and still a thing. Was hoping that early fumble lost him brownie points. #FreeDuke2019
  14. He's worth a depth hold and especially if you have Tyreek, but temper expectations. If you ever need a true boom or bust versus a low ceiling guy, give him a whirl. But even that is lower now with Tyfreak back. Sincerely, Captain Obvious
  15. Glad i picked up and stashed him in PPR. Fun to watch
  16. Look no further than the Baltimore game. Known as a solid run D, shady had his way with them. Largely due to scheme and the spread of course but he gets it done. Great YPC and 2 TD that day. Winning formula. Get with it Reid
  17. Well said, i agree with you. Do you agree with me that there are few players that offer the kind of POP Fuller does? I mean his 200-yard 3 TD game was the 9th best PPR performance in fantasy football history. If you're betting against his sustained health, i can understand.
  18. Connor is just solid as a rock. He really excels at breaking tackles. I notice a lot of people consider or actually bench for trendy options like malcom brown. I thought about it, but glad i didn't. What a boss! Heal up JC30. By the way, Miami is next on the schedule if I'm not mistaken.
  19. 40 yards on 11 carries isn't too shabby. The problem is the Rams O-line of yesteryear is gone. You remember... the O-line that made CJ Anderson look like Emmitt Smith. Also, Goff is the gazillion dollar man still playing with training wheels. Not to mention, SF is one of the fastest and best defenses in the league. I'm sure your leaguemates will gladly pickup Malcom when you drop him. Thanks.
  20. I haven't seen highlights but his game log is starting to get cookin.
  21. He is like the old MLB pitcher Rich Harden. A bonafied stud when healthy. I'd rather ride him until he gets hurt. Who do you believe you can get for him in a trade?
  22. I completely agree with this... Darrell/Damien/Whatever. Pick one to be the 1B to McCoy and one only and save Darrell for injuries. That pass to Darrell to open the game was super weird rotating.
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