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  1. Does Zay Jones trade impact Beasley? When are the TDs coming?
  2. CJ only got an opportunity last year because Malcom Brown was injured at the time.
  3. That is just dumb and emotional based on his camp news. Darrell was hyped by every pundit all summer. I took him in the 7th, Darrell that is. Fell for it. No one ever even talked about Malcom Brown, except the smart people.
  4. True but at least he was a body. Had more of a pulse than OJ Howard. Currently he's not even that haha
  5. I just got my nose pierced. Am I like Kamara too?
  6. Does it matter? Just enjoy the production. He is currently the best and has had linear improvement year after year. He is a stud. None of us that drafted top 2 tiers probably drafted Austin so not sure a comparison matters. If you're asking what I start him over healthy Tier 1 guys? No
  7. I'll never forget the Darrell hype this summer. Craziest stuff and outcome I've ever seen. Kamara... yeah okay.
  8. Reggie was mentioned this summer but good to see the fruits of his labor. Norv calls him their most improved player. He was QB at Louisville, until a guy named Lamar Jackson came along and forced him to be a RB/WR/Wildcat hybrid
  9. Yes and no regarding more discussion. The summer hype train was out of control and the guy hasn't been able to buy a carrry through 5 weeks. Things are picking up now with Gurley news but we're all still in a "show me something" mode.
  10. I'm ready. I've never seen us as a whole do more guesswork for a player as Gurley in 20 years of playing fantasy. It's crazy, including the Henderson summer hype train and he hasn't even been able to get on the field. Should be interesting. ALL ABOARD!
  11. I also have to resort to Cook after OJ/Herndon have let me down. Things I like... 24 targets, good for 12th in the league He lit it up in their camp this past summer Bridgewater getting comfortable Cook didn't panic the first few games. I read an article that he was confident things would turn around and he still written goals he's striving to accomplish. Nice veteran belief
  12. Darrell is a hold as well. Damien's numbers are brutal
  13. A wise man once said... Don't drop Chiefs shares. EVER. Unless it's for Will Fuller, then by all means... 🤣
  14. i feel your pain about OJ. i have him in 40% of leagues, but regarding that "semantics" conversation above i skimmed through... Don't forget that OJ was leading all TE in yards the first few weeks of 2018 before his knee injury. He was on his way. I wouldn't call that "streamer" status 2019. I have Herndon and may drop OJ for Everett tonight, but this eerily reminds me of Derrick Henry last year. Oj will probably be producing TDs for our opponents for free later in the year. Can't argue with cutting him though, but don't be surprised if that happens.
  15. I'm probably fading him for Curtis Samuel. I prefer Godwin but this isn't shaping up to nicely with it being a tough matchup even if he were 100% healthy.
  16. Darrell doesn't look much different than Ware, which is a good thing in this situation.
  17. You actually believed coach speak? What else was he supposed to say for the morale of Damien and his loyal teammates? Meanwhile, they paid McCoy twice Damien's salary and Andy was grinning himself to sleep that night they signed McCoy. As i mentioned in the McCoy thread, the Eagles, Patriots, and Chargers all wanted Shady hence he is not washed up.
  18. I love Carson and all summer he outplayed Penny, however Carrol isn't going to tolerate the fumbles much longer. Of course he supports him publicly and internally, however Carrol speaks so well he could have a future in politics. CJ Prosise was getting a lot of opportunity and he is a JAG. Penny ripped off an explosive TD in Week 2 and has a 1st Round pedigree and draft equity for the organization. If they have an excuse to use him, they will. I have Carson in 40% of leagues Penny in one league (not handcuff) and I am a Carson truther and even I see the writing on the wall here.
  19. Also... MVS produced last year when players were injured. See the Detroit game. He has already done it.
  20. I've always been a Carson fan. Never thought I'd be excited to pickup Penny before, but this is adding up to a good opportunity for him if his hammy allows it.
  21. Per Evan Silva: Tyler Boyd should have some fun on Mon night Slot WRs vs Steelers are 26 of 29 for 323 yards and 3 TD. 90% completions, over 11 YPA
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