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  1. As long as this guys in the league, he's going to miss a chunk of games every season. Draft accordingly, friends.
  2. shoulders and upper body aren't anything to mess with for an RB, see Connor. Wish it was a lower body thing.
  3. Didn't know Lockett retired. Thanks for nothin brah. Ride some pine.
  4. Yeah the guy has 2 bad games and everyone is crying. Look at Davante Adams game log.... Plus i dont think everyone understands the severity of that injury that kept him in the hospital. Thank God he is fine, but that also knocked him out of SF game, a game that went into OT. Could have had a better stat line if not for that too.
  5. Stick a fork in him for this season... Even if he is ever deemed 100%, can't trust him or Kingsbury with fantasy season on the line. Trust broken.
  6. Which Lockett are we going to get on MNF? Did anyone watch game tape of last week? Did the Eagles just stifle them that bad? Was Lockett running well, hampered, etc? Is Minnesota a pass-funnel type D? I see most WRs have lit up Minnesota this year...
  7. If he gets 1000 yards and no TDs that should earn like a 50 point bonus that week
  8. McCoy prob wouldn't have gotten that TD if DArrel was healthy...
  9. All aboard the D Train! Darrel's injury didn't look good, any updates?
  10. Also, always good for a 40-plus yard play bonus too.
  11. i did in 1 league, dropped in another. what about when breida returns?
  12. Is Hollister playing Monday? What's up w/ the toe? I might pick him up...
  13. Oh my God. I opened this thread ready for a joke and read this wow. Wow.
  14. He is not a bust but a DISAPPOINTMENT. Some positive TD regression better be coming...
  15. Speaking Friday, Seahawks OC Brian Schottenheimer said the team plans to stick with its normal running back rotation for Week 13. "Chris is our guy," Schottenheimer said of Chris Carson despite his Week 12 fumbling woes. "We know that." Schotty went on to add that the team wanted to get Rashaad Penny his touches, but that they wouldn't "force it." Penny out-touched Carson 14-12 in Week 12 while dramatically out-gaining him. The Seahawks have made a habit of re-committing to Carson following his turnovers, but that cannot be taken for granted in Week 13. Carson is a high-risk, high-rew
  16. Darrel has a higher ceiling in my opinion.
  17. Yeah I didn't trust the god of hamstring pulls, Will Fuller, his first game back and he exploded. Same with Kittle last week on a supposedly fractured ankle.
  18. Kyler and Gerald Everett for Allen Robinson. --Lamar Jackson owner
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