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  1. People forget that Adams was playing with a high ankle sprain that year
  2. We made the right decision to start him... Rodgers had over 400 yards, so a good piece of the pie was probable. Unfortunately it didn't work out this time. Also, all the silver lining you guys mentioned.
  3. Rolling with him over the trendy Justin Jackson at flex. Giddy up! #GoodVibesOnly
  4. Boyd is a must-start until proven otherwise. Not much to think about here.
  5. (Chappelle as Prince) "This guy bores me." I see the value but seems more of a desperation play via injuries and the like to actually get this guy in your lineup for 0.5 PPR or Standard. Full PPR I could see...
  6. Agreed. Patience, grasshoppers. I have Kerryon and Ty. Why would you complain about Patricia giving Kerryon the lion's share? A) He deserves it and B it was Ty's first week after his promotion. If you read up on Kerryon's injury history he is among the most probable injuries waiting to happen.
  7. How is it possible he was better in Cleveland compared to a high octane Houston offense (allegedly)?
  8. With a name like that, Sprinkle is not happening in 2019. Here we go Vernon!!! Sincerely, Kittle owner
  9. Dropped Duke and it felt good. I don't blame him, just his situation. How could they not give him a handful of receptions per game by default... Unreal.
  10. JJ has had a TD called back in consecutive weeks. I hope Week 4 vs MIA is the week!
  11. Duke has been my biggest misplaced excitement in drafting a player. Wowzers. Let the drop party commence.
  12. Losing mentality. Gotta take some risks. The elder statesmen in the KC backfield are banged up and Darwin isn't ready, what else are you looking for?
  13. Lolz you're kidding right? He is not dropworthy...
  14. Brown only vanished in Baltimore because they put Lamar Jackson in there with no prep and completely changed their scheme. I think Brown had 4 TD with Flacco and 1 with Lamar. And you're correct in Arizona he was a poor man's T.Y. Hilton when healthy. Anyhow, Robert Foster's 2018 numbers with Josh Allen extrapolate to a 1156 Yds, 8 TD season. Good for both Brown and Allen.
  15. Kyler should have some positive TD regression coming. Leggo!
  16. I'm a McCoy owner in 60% of my leagues and Darwin in 80% and i think this thread is too active for Week 3. There is not much to talk about. Neither guy is worth starting against Baltimore in the rain unless you're in a pinch and/or also have Damien. If McCoy's ankle wasn't hurting then maybe we could talk. Baltimore run D is strong and their pass D is not. If you independently own McCoy I would hope it's in the Flex conversation, not RB2, and have a better option such as Breida or a WR3. All of this need not apply to Week 4 and beyond. I'm hoping McCoy heals up or Darwin ta
  17. Lol the infamous Ryan... Torain The legend of Torain was actually awesome but every time he broke out, he'd get seriously injured not long after.
  18. The game was a blowout... This week vs PIT will give more clarity.
  19. Small sample size or not, he's avg 9 ypc bro. It's called facts. Wasn't stating an opinion.
  20. JJ is the real deal. He is averaging basically 9 yards per carry. PS- He is the best football player to ever come from my hometown/high school in suburban Chicago.
  21. High ankle sprains linger for sure, and a betting man would suggest there is a good chance Breida will get injured as well. Hopefully not, as a Breida owner, but wouldn't be surprised.
  22. Breida is nasty, makes straight Neo Matrix moves, but Mostert is the real deal as well. Mostert reminds me of the old plug n play RBs the 90's Broncos unleashed on the NFL. He is big strong and "fast enough"
  23. All I'm stating is reasons to keep him on your roster and not let the sharks have access to him on the waiver wire. Anything can happen. I just picked back up in 80% of my leagues. Kareem Hunt was the bellcow, so Damien was irrelevant last year until he was gone. Neither Damien nor McCoy 2019 are bellcows and already banged up. Stop being disagreeable and have an open mind if you want to be the champ. Stay thirsty my friends.
  24. Last year all it took was a sore Ware hammy for Damien to be thrust into the starting spotlight. In the worst case, Darwin could be the 2nd man in RBBC for a few games and make his mark. He is explosive, hard worker, and hungry. If he gets in there, he will not fail.
  25. On the plus side, he nearly scored a TD the other day. On the downside, he is the 3rd RB on the team (including Lamar), 4th if you include Gus the Bus
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