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  1. Does anyone have video of the touchdown that got called back for holding?
  2. If I had dede I would hold. Minshew focused on throwing to the slot in his college scheme
  3. Not a football player? As you judge from your computer watch tower?... Lol football is his livelihood AND he is world class athlete.
  4. The guys comparing/hoping for Andrews breakout a la Kittle 2018 are correct. Where do you rank Andrews compared to Hockenson?
  5. In any event, what are we supposed to do with this guy?... Do we stay patient and he'll "breakout" later?
  6. TEs still had largest target share of Ravens pass game last season so Week 1 doesn't matter.
  7. The reason they signed CJA last year is because Malcom Brown was injured or he would have had the glory... Also, it's early. I'm not against dropping Henderson for something good, but cant base his entire season on Week 1 usage.
  8. Lol who said anything about December 1? That is a weird caveat you added to a potential bet. What is that all about??? How about, ummm, Week 16 like a normal fantasy player...
  9. Hollywood Brown was only on the field for 12 snaps the entire game. Ross received 12 targets...
  10. We don't have a crystal ball - and don't be shy to stash Darwin still - but Shady is in a great situation. The pragmatic thought process is own him and watch things unfold. Don't start him Week 1. By December I think he will have 7-10 TDs easy, barring injury. Maybe he has some miraculous fountain of youth and does more, but at the very leasty he will be flexy. Book it.
  11. I haven't read through all these posts, but here are a couple valuable notes on Shady: 1) New England, Philly, Chargers, and Chiefs all wanted him. That's telling... 2) I thought about 2 fantasy studs from yester-year. Curtis Martin put up a massive season out of nowhere at age 31 -- 1900 total yards at 14 TD -- after we all said he was "washed up" at 2900 career carries. Not saying McCoy will do that, but he is a borderline Hall of Fame guy himself. Shady only has 2300 carries and like Andy Reid said, he still has quick feet. Was top-15 in missed tackles among both running and recei
  12. No kidding he's not the best in the game. People were also ready to jump off a ledge when Julio wasn't scoring touchdowns. Fantasy football is peaks and valleys, and most of it out of our control. PS- DAk Prescott sux so there's that as well.
  13. I remember many years ago I traded andre Johnson for larry fitzgerald because on paper larry's playoff matchups were better. Well, I was wrong. Andre had a 200 yard game and Larry had a game like Amari Cooper today. So your post, while eloquent, is pointless. Also, "I told ya so" isn't a good look on you bruh. Let us know how many players went over 200 yards and/or 3 TD in one game this year and you'll find a short list. So your lack of acknowledgement is silly. Only talented players can do this. Enjoy your Sunday xoxo.
  14. I like Dallas' fortitude going after Amari. He is only 24 and yes a 1st round talent, so IDGAF and neither does Jerry Jones. The question for us in fantasy nation is... Will Amari provide us any value THIS YEAR? I typically hate picking WRs when they switch teams, even in the offseason, due to learning the new offense and getting in rapport with the new QB. The only reliable people to do this are T.O. and Moss. So will Amari do anything in 2018 and if so, when?
  15. A trade would be brutal. Trading WRs in the offseason makes it tough for them to learn the playbook and build rapport with the QB. An in-season trade would be a lost cause. Hopefully he gets healthy and we can pinpoint his "breakout" games every other week or whatever.
  16. Who has more fantasy value? A) Amari Cooper B ) Winnie Cooper C) Alice Cooper D) Anderson Cooper I vote B
  17. We shall call it... The C-Pat Trick after this weekend lol.
  18. 1 rec TD, 1 rush TD, 1 KR TD, 1 pass TD coming this weekend. Book it.
  19. IF there is any saving grace, it could be Jon Gruden's ego wanting to back up his "Sterling Sharpe"/Amari comparisons.
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