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  1. Fantasy Radio on Sirius just predicted Darrel will be a top-12 RB this week, for what it's worth, friends.
  2. I loved that his fumbles were pure mental mishaps and not butterfingers. Bodes well for CC shares. Penny is an undeniable HR threat defenses have to account for. Also, he may keep CC fresh. CC has been injured every year, so this is not a bad thing. Come on, Carson... lead us to promised land the rest of the way.
  3. Damien ruled out... Darrel SZN is upon us. I would drop Guice for Darrel. I don't get excited about Guice at all.
  4. This guy and Atlanta run game are dusted. Dont be surprised if Brian Hill vultures TDs going forward.
  5. Most likely 1300-plus and 8-12 TD with anyone better but 1400 with those QBs you mentioned. Tyreek was on pace for 1600 Yds, 16 TDs at one point this year.
  6. on pace for 95, 1132, 7 TD ... Not too shabby considering he'd be better off with Uncle Rico throwing to him.
  7. Thank God he's okay. That hit was flippin' bogus, no pun intended. What a low sissy shot. Reminded me of Willis McGahee's knee hit except this was direct from the front. The knee cap must be sore af. Rest up Amari. Unfortunately he doesn't have that usual 10 day window a Thurs game provides. Back at it a week from now in Chicago.
  8. Man Crush Ravens revenge game 🤣 The Bills will have to keep up w/ the Ravens offense so there's that, plus if Brown toasted Chris Harris last week he can do it to most.
  9. Also, his full PPR floor is 9-10 points easy, not even including TDs
  10. #ColeBeastly I've had my eye on him all year and the biggest reason to grab him is his target share. He is up there in the ranks and Josh Allen is slinging utlizing him more than Romo or Dak ever could. The BUF offense is nice in that the targets are concentrated to the law firm, Brown & Beasley LLC.
  11. (Ron Burgundy voice) "I saw that" CMC would have wiggled in lol.
  12. Dude i hate this guy. I've streamed him 3 times this year and every time he misses kicks and fails, but I see him do well on paper when my league mates have him, including when he bombed a 50 yarder a few weeks back. Unreal, too volatile. YOU SIR, ARE NO DAN BAILEY.
  13. They're coming off a Bye. Cook is fine. All the Mattison fanboys may be disappointed this year.
  14. This is getting annoying. That said, i hope he explodes in the fantasy playoffs. Goes from 31 TDS in first 31 games to 2 all season, and both coming in Week 3 at Seattle. Strange season. Hopefully the RB equivalent of a "Julio" eruption is coming. I guess in other words... a CMC game haha.
  15. Yes, it's RBBC with McCoy and Darrel, but Darrel has proved to have more fantasy value in that situation for all the reasons above. Plain and simple. Yes, McCoy might steal a GL TD here and there but Darrel is a sledgehammer inside the 5 and we're talking about the Chiefs here. Scoring opportunities are inevitable. I don't need to start Darrel at flex, but I would be fine with it if i did.
  16. Darrel's average in the 3 games Damien was injured, including one game with 100 total yards and another with 2 TD... 9 Att, 37 Yds, 3 Rec, 33 Yds, TD These avg numbers come out to 14.5 pts in half PPR and 16 in full PPR Numbers don't lie. And if you think they do, watch him run. He is strong and picks up speed like a train.
  17. This is a tough call... I fear benching him and he has a great game. Amari seems produce the most when the lights are the brightest.
  18. Please fantasy Gods, summon Darrel Williams to be our running back league winner for the rest of the season.
  19. Lamar Jackson in shallow leagues lol. Grabbed him twice right after the draft. I'd say Chark, Pats D if they were dropped, Latavious for 2 games, 9ers D, John Brown in shallow leagues. Might be saying this about these guys rest of season: Deebo, Goedert, Ronald Jones, Miles Sanders (shallow leagues), Jonathan Williams, Any one of the premium handcuffs
  20. It doesn't feel right dropping this guy but might have to... Wish he was the starter!
  21. I don't have penny on my 2 carson teams either, but grabbed him as a lotto ticket on another RB-needy team.
  22. honestly, i'm surprised penny is so fast for being that fat.
  23. this guy has serious air yards. Tampa Bay matchup is intriguing.
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