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  1. This is true. Proof is in the pudding for Carson's health history. Surprised he's gone this long without an injury this year... Penny's contribution can be a good thing. No, he is not taking over.
  2. Haha yeah right. He has had a stranglehold on the job since he was a rookie but could never stay healthy the past 2 years. Penny would have taken the job as a rookie if he didn't show up fat and knew how to block.Also, maybe earlier this year if he didn't hurt his hammy during Carson's first go-round of fumblitis. Carson runs like DeMarco Murray. I'm glad to see Penny developing and becoming a threat to Carson's job, but don't get it twisted.
  3. Gus is a beast. Elite handcuff. Also, standalone flex value if you anticipate a blowout. Blowout or not, he may get you a TD due to red zone opportunities.
  4. Carson literally broke the record for broken tackles in one game (21) in the modern stats era, so you sir, are correct. Also, the seahawks goal was to get carson 40-50 catches and Carrol said that Carson has the best receiving hands on the team lol. Maybe "coachspeak" but have never heard a word about Penny's hands. Silkk owned ya brah.
  5. The only thing stopping me from dropping him is he's had 3 weeks to rest and renew and we need new/more information to see what happens i.e. Week 13
  6. What is your outlook if you're a carson owner and dont have/cant get Penny? Do you think we still have a RB2 rest of season?
  7. They were saying in August this could be a split and there was enough to go around, but then Carson dominated. Should be interesting. Wouldn't surprise me if Penny has a game or two with 5 carries or less from here on out. You never know with these things.
  8. It seems Darrel benefits from McCoy and him being the duo because Damien has a few of Darrel's skills. When Damien plays Darrel isn't as valuable.
  9. This appears to potentailly be like Aaaron Jones/Jamaal Williams split
  10. Darrel is their most complete back. I don't care what anyone says. Hits the hold hard and physical. Can also catch Mahomes bullet passes like Hunt used to. Can wear the defense down to kill the clock. And their best blocker. Every game he has paired with only McCoy, he has pounded a TD. Hope he gets a chance.
  11. Chill out. enjoy this epic moment. But... Lamar 🤣 If kenyan drake can run on them...
  12. Good points and well done, i will remember your words. i've been playing fantasy for 20 years and still learn or mess up. [...]
  13. I'd rather have him than Sanders, personally. Sanders is a walking miracle in the first place.
  14. He scored a TD. it could be worse. He is currently RB17 overall in half PPR. I'm sure you drafted him as a RB2 or 3 or grabbed him off waivers...
  15. Good game for Mostert, but it was in mop-up duty. Awesome TD run though. Are you guys holding?
  16. Could have had a better line if not for that fumble...
  17. I was wrong about this guy. Sorry boys. Looks like his 142 rush yards vs NE last year was an anomaly. Obviously, having Big Ben and solid offense would help.
  18. Hit or miss but can never bench him... Sincerely, Non-Jones owner
  19. What's your projection for tonight? What are the Rams defense strengths? Can Lamar run on them like every other team?
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