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  1. I heard on fantasy radio on sirius that Philly D simply continued their trend of playing well... Lockett and Russ Wilson both had a down game. This isn't a Lockett problem. Still a must-start going forward.
  2. At least they keep winning. Would hate for this guy to cost them a game. Could be the kiss of death. Anyone else see Penny's stats and think "what the... maybe i shouldn't have forgot to pick him up..."
  3. Yeah the only game they fed Kamara was Bridgewater's 1st game at Seattle. Besides that, he hasnt done jack. Latavius and Kamara both have 3 runs over 20 yards. That is lame from a Kamara owner standpoint.
  4. Or until his wheels fall off and he falls into the fantasy RB abyss of nothingness like all predecessors
  5. Need 24 points from Lamar for the win. I need it because I inadvertently benched Kittle. Whoops. Do you think Lamar putting up 24 is a lock?
  6. I'm stating that Latavius had more pop as the starter with Kamara out than anything Kamara has given us. Why is that?
  7. I agree with you, thanks for the perspective. I hope he starts reaching the end zone. He did in Week 11 but it was called back for holding or something. However, can't argue that Latavius has done more with little opportunities. I'm talking legit opportunities, not 5 carries or less. Most glaring are Latavius impressive multiple plays/TDs over 20 yards, including 1 or 2 that have been called back that people don't see in the box score. When Kamara is out, Murray explodes in the pass game as well. Kamara a bust... No, but he is not even on the same planet as CMC or Dalvin.
  8. Penny is more explosive/talented Carson is more refined and a true pro. If Penny could learn to hit the holes properly he could be RB1 if Carson were to go down. Until then... RB2
  9. Tyreek Hill got his collarbone busted and doesn't have a career of soft tissue injuries since high school
  10. Except his floor isn't 8-10 points in half PPR. It's around 5 points or less with a risk of 0-1 points. I agree his boom potential is worth starting but guys like this can also lose you weeks. See DeSean Jackson, Kenny Stills type of guys in their career. Would rather have a steady floor like DJ Moore, John Brown, Cortland Sutton even though the TDs are lacking. I lost the week i started Fuller vs KC when he dropped 3 TDs. Yes, he "could have had" a monster game, but he didn't. Are you prepared to start him in the fantasy playoffs with the risk of doing nothing? How come n
  11. How about an XFL team? Lol I hear ya, good stuff. thanks.
  12. Miles Sanders 85% snap rate last week was the highest in the Doug Pederson era. It will all come together soon. I noticed Miles is pretty high in this week's rankings
  13. I just grabbed him yesterday but it doesn't feel right lol. I more often play the RB stash game... Do you think he can get signed and catch on with a team's offense quickly? When will he be signed? I usually bet against WRs in that situation unless their name is Randy Moss or T.O. Brown seems like the rare talent that can. Thoughts?
  14. Hill was #TeamPreseason, always crushing it in exhibition, so we shall see, my friends.
  15. Amari has always put up better numbers in Dallas, but he can manage 1 TD on the road. I imagine Belichek will key in on him in this one though.
  16. I'd take that. The high scoring expectation and volume should bode well. Hope this isn't Ty Johnson Redux (it can't be)
  17. This is encouraging... I'm starting him. Could picture a TD, especially since he had one overturned last week. Even after his Week 11 box score underwhelmed, Brian Hill remains RB2/flex playable versus Tampa Bay, whose once-impenetrable run defense has yielded 331 yards on 74 carries (4.47 YPC) to enemy backs in its last four games. With 16 touches, three targets, and 18 routes run on 60% of last week’s offensive snaps, Hill logged fantasy-viable usage at Carolina, while rookie Qadree Ollison fumbled on a fourth-quarter run and special teamer Kenjon Barner touched the ball twice on offens
  18. Pro Football Focus says A Rob has a great matchup to bounce back this week. Lets go!!!
  19. He didn't say he's a fan lol. You're being bias to validate your point and not adding any value to the discussion. Have a good one, chief.
  20. It seems Wilkins has always been the next guy on the depth chart. Muddled situation, but if you're looking for some week 13 on I'd guess Wilkins
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