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  1. If you want to be successful in fantasy, don't trust your gut. Only data and your eyes.
  2. I'm in Chicago as well. A) He wasn't "elevating" his opinion, just sharing a caveat. B There is more depth to the info in the home city. You're able to feel and gauge the emotion and morale of organization and pressures from the fans and city. At the very least, the home city gets the info first. Why do you think fantasy football writers follow beat writers for every team every single day? The beat writer has their finger on the pulse and not observing from afar. You're telling me Giants fans in NY didn't have deeper info and more frame of reference after that Week 10 loss
  3. I'm pointing out value. Baker went in round 5-7 but late QBs and free agents are better. I saw Russell Wilson go in Round 12 in a 12-teamer and 14 in a 10-teamer. Josh Allen is a potential fantasy beast every week and he went undrafted in many local friends leagues. Hence, my point, I'm comfortable fading Lamar next summer, grabbing a WR or RB there instead, and finding the "next" overall QB1 candidate in the late rounds. I don't know about you, but I've been playing over 20 years and I used to give advice for a fantasy website so I would at least take into account what I have to say.
  4. Connor is a big one, because he will be tempting. I suppose if you grab him and cuff him that could work but thats burning another valuable pick. Freeman was already on my DND this year. He is done in fantasy. Will Fuller... I'll just let someone else draft and drop him when he gets. Let him blow up and trade him. Hilton is frustrating, would rather avoid him too. OBJ might be a value next year. Kerryon and Gurley, I'm done with. josh Gordon is too unreliable. Ertz. Goedert on the rise.
  5. Yes, perfect timing for their Bye week. We needed a replacement in our lineups for Week 12 anyways. Plan accordingly
  6. Would you rather him be second in line for targets on a team like the Bears? Lol (I'm in Chicago, by the way)
  7. I see, I understand what you mean. Good discussion.
  8. Vince Young had good intangibles of being a "winner" early in his career. However, he doesn't have the arm, work ethic, or leadership/respect Lamar has. Character is important. Plus VY didn't have Harbaugh pouring love and building his team around him.
  9. It's a natural progression. He has 5 TDs, that is significant. And more to come. Not everyone is in a perfect storm of situation and stage of development to have rookie WR seasons like Anquon Boldin, Randy Moss, Michael Thomas, MIke Evans to name a few. Look no further than this. Numbers don't lie... Tyreek Hill had 593 and 6 offensive TD his rookie year... Hardman is on pace for 655 and 7. The future is bright. Not to mention he is still learning how to play the position, given he was primarily a return man in college. Look at all the NFL WR studs who were return men in
  10. Low floor city A new team? lol what are you talking about. He is a rookie and awesome one at that in a great situation/offense/QB for a decade to come. Rookies have to pay their dues and players aren't working thier tails off and putting themselves on the line to appease your fantasy team...
  11. He's literally what we hoped Herndon to be. Fire him up. I'm putting in a claim. -Kittle owner
  12. This guy needs Willie Beamon. Rivers is Dennis Quaid.
  13. Looks like we have some options if Kittle is a no-go... Ryan Griffin emerging in that Herndon role, Dwelley, etc.
  14. Darwin is too small compared to the other 3 guys... Darrel is the most well rounded, including blocking hulk.
  15. What a loser. I've seen people laugh at Ty Johnson and Chase Edmonds hype and irrelevance, but Walton takes the cake.
  16. How about Ozzie Newsome drafting Lamar, Mark Andrews, and a top-10 O-lineman in his last draft before retirement. Legend.
  17. Lol, you obviously don't understand value and investing. Look no further than Minshew/Foles vs Baker Mayfield this year, as another example. But i get what you're saying. Thanks for spelling it out for me. Like i said, i have Lamar in 4 out of 5 leagues, so i have my finger on the pulse.
  18. If he is top 24 weekly and overall, that is gold. Currently WR14 in half ppr. Love this guy. I remember when Arians had him in AZ, he seemed like a poor man's T.Y. Not poor anymore. Josh Allen is the perfect QB for him. Brown was producing last year with Flacco too, which is a testament to his skills, route depth, separation, etc. Plus BUF is in the playoff hunt. Perfect storm. Enjoy!
  19. Luck is definitely part of the game, but successful players are process orientated and not results orientated and we will win more often that not.
  20. Everett will bounce back. No one besides Gurley did anything. However, if guys like Ryan Griffin, Jared Cook, Goedert are available they're worth a look.
  21. Brian Hill played one game, got massive volume, had a GL TD called back. Edmonds had a game most RBs couldn't dream of then got injured. Ty has done nothing. Apples and oranges
  22. Solid RB2/Flex in half ppr and ppr for Week 12 and 13. Don't overthink. If you have a better option, go for it
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