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  1. Despite being up 2-0, I’m still very nervous about winning this series. LA now gets to face the rest of our starting pitching and it’s pretty bad. Wright was great against the Marlins but LA is a much better offense. Our offense and bullpen will have to find a way to win games because LA will score plenty of runs in the next several games. The only way I see us winning this is if we win all 4 games started by Fried and Anderson. That’s going to be difficult.
  2. Looking at some of the rankings I can already tell I’ll be drafting a SP1 and then wait for guys like Wheeler, Lynn, Hendricks, etc.
  3. The value picks are going to be in the second round. I can see several first rounders falling and being replaced by guys who were having a great 60 game stretch. Machado is going to be interesting because he’s been a fantasy roller coaster ride. 2017: .259 - 33 HR - 95 RBI - 89 R - 9 SB 2018: .297 - 37 HR - 107 RBI - 84 R - 14 SB 2019: .256 - 32 HR - 85 RBI - 81 R - 5 SB 2020: .304 - 16 HR - 47 RBI - 44 R - 6 SB 2018 and 2020 Machado is a first round pick, 2017 and 2019 Machado isn’t.
  4. I feel bad for those who own Trout and Rendon. Again not in the lineup today.
  5. Guys who I hope fall out of the first round so they can be great value in the second: Yelich Bellinger Arenado Cole What these players have done in previous seasons means more to me than what they did in this bizarre 60-game season.
  6. But no SB. I need Jon to start stealing bases again.
  7. Lance Lynn...killing ratios and championship dreams.
  8. I remember drafting him in 2009 and calling him a AAAA-player. I was wrong. Gordon may not have been a superstar but he he was really good from 2011 to 2014. The only OF with a higher WAR than him during those years were Trout, McCutchen and Joey Bats. Seven Gold Gloves and a World Series ring, that’s quite a career.
  9. He’s the 4th ranked 3B in my 5x5 roto league (behind Ramirez, Machado, LeMahieu) and 63rd ranked player overall. 3B has been a major disappointment this season. Arenado, Bregman, Chapman, Bryant, Vlad, Muncy, Moose, Moncada....it’s a long list. I guess Suarez is hitting for power but the average is ugly.
  10. Guess who leads all catchers in wRC+, wOBA, OPS and WAR? .356 - 10 HR - 29 RBI - 22 R in 33 games. Beast.
  11. So far, I like what I’m seeing. 8 XBH (3 HR, 3 2B, 2 3B) and a SB in his first 17 major league games.
  12. He has become the pitcher version of Mike Trout. Two straight CY Young Awards (maybe three) and three straight years of pitching 200+ innings of dominant innings yet his team hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2015. It’s embarrassing. I understand Mets fans are happy that Cohen is buying the team but their team has already wasted five straight years of prime DeGrom.
  13. It’s going to be another interesting offseason in Philly. The bullpen will need to be fixed. Again. Realmuto is a FA and considering how awesome Sixto has looked so far, they’ll feel the pressure to re-sign him. Didi is having a solid bounce back season but will be a FA. They’ll need a good #3 SP. CF has been a black hole. McCutchen is about to turn 34.
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