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  1. Standard 10 team redraft, I need to drop one of these WRs to pick up a K to start this week. Kirk Lamb Jeudy Which one should I drop? Thnx.
  2. Evan Silva is the Blaine Gabbert of fantasy experts.
  3. I'd only sell Sale right now if you're convinced he's hiding a serious injury. Otherwise, you're just selling him at his lowest possible point. There is no way to get fair value for him currently since you expect greatness but he's playing god awful.
  4. Alonso. Prodigious power potential.
  5. Looks good except your closers aren't strong and I don't like your middle infielders much. But that's what the wire is for during the season!
  6. Bregman if you're competitive this year. Otherwise, I could be talked into either Vlad or Eloy.
  7. With no other context I generally like to shoot for the moon so: Eloy Devers Moncada Ozuna Myers Reyes
  8. Mullins since I think he has decent power and speed upside. Frazier since you have a dinged up 2B and you're about to release your only other 2B. Kelly and Oberg since they're both at least next in line if injury pops up.
  9. I lean toward the guy with the better handle on the job, so Boxberger I guess.
  10. I agree with the consensus: hold.
  11. I have P. Lopez and B. Woodruff in a NL only but the following guys are also on the wire: K Wright D Rodriguez C Smith B Wilson L Weaver M Fried Stick with what I have or pick any of these guys up? Thanks!
  12. I'd say hold for sure. Should be even easier than him being in the minors since you should be able to IL slot him.
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