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  1. Disagree! IMO, he’s in a 2-man race with Jokic for MVP and wants to be back out there.
  2. We were all hoodwinked into drafting him pretty high based on prior performance and underestimated Rivers’ impact, as he insists on running the offense through Embiid, which has essentially neutered Simmons. He’s basically the fifth option on offense in a slow-down half court offense. He, like AD and the flat-earther are permanent members of my DND club.
  3. Real question is why the heck you have Isaac and Jackson on your squad???
  4. I concur - interestingly, he still has not really gelled with CP3 but has an incredible rapport with Booker. He just seems more active and agile, which has made the difference on the offensive board.
  5. I f*#%i*g hate Ben Simmons with every fiber of my being. What an absolute drag on FT and TO.
  6. Same here, I keep expecting to see a slight bump in production but it ain’t happening. On to the next one
  7. So far, not involved at all. Lets see how he does in 2nd half
  8. I’ve seen Bron play through those kinds of “injuries” in the past. Nothing to see here
  9. Perfect game plan by Wizards, great for fantasy GMs.
  10. Wrong! Derozan is more valuable - only downside is threes.
  11. This is Holiday all the way, IMO. The only downside is Levert’s eventual impact on his production.
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