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  1. Gallegos,Smith and Devers. Thanks for the help with mine
  2. Lux https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/801703-4-keepers-need-help-with-last-one/
  3. With Yordan questionable for opening day, Does that make Alonso the right choice?
  4. I forgot to mention this is in Yahoo, where Yordan has OF eligibility.
  5. No question.. its Meadows for me. Thanks for the help with mine.
  6. I have Acuna,Soto and Turner My 4th keeper is between Yordan or Alonso? I had thought this was a no brainer and planned going with Pete.. but I've recently been second guessing my plan.. So who would you rather keep in a keep 4 forever 12 team h2h 5x5 Alonso or Yordan...? Thanks in advance
  7. I like the return, I think I would go for it too.
  8. Keep forever(5x5 12 team h2h cats) Turner or Correa? For some reason I'm kinda leaning Turner.
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