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  1. Anyone is entitled to a bad game or two, but this has been a different story. The guy is just lost out there and not involved at all. If he does happen to touch the ball by some miracle, he bricks a shot from 6 feet out. He just looks terrible. I’m not saying he can’t possibly turn it around, but when I think of the guys taken after him it makes me sick to my stomach.
  2. That may be the most boneheaded clock management I’ve ever seen. Anthony Lynn should be fired before the 3rd quarter starts.
  3. How did Lamar go from MVP candidate to mediocre QB in one offseason with by and large the same supporting cast and coaching staff?
  4. Imo, it will be hard for any AZ RB to hold significant value as long as Kyler runs the ball as much as he does. Feels like a completely different offense than last year even though the personnel is fairly similar (outside of Nuk).
  5. Feels like a lot of fools gold on the wire this week, and I am hesitant to blow top waiver priority on any of these guys. mckinnon - mostert injury didn’t look like much and the game was already out of hand at that point, so I wouldn’t be shocked if he plays in week 3. gallman/Lewis - giants situation looks like a RBBC mess with the potential to get all the more confusing if they sign Freeman (who is already enroute for a visit) henderson - while he was more effective than Brown this week, Akers looms with only a concussion keeping him out (this could be a day t
  6. I hate myself for drafting Conner again in multiple leagues. How many times do I need to get punched in the face before I duck? Guy might be the most fragile football player to ever play. Makes Darren McFadden look like an iron man.
  7. Jets fan here also, and injuries will be the only concern for Herndon. If he can stay healthy, he will easily be a top 10 TE. He has the physical tools and a rapport with D’arnold. Factor in that the rest of the Jets receiving corps is injured (and wasn’t that great to begin with) and that Sam has a habit of locking in on his favorite target and peppering him with targets, as he’s done with Enunwa, Griffin, and Crowder at different periods depending on who was healthy at the moment, and all indications look good for Herndon to break out. He goes so late in drafts, that taking him is a no brain
  8. I’m interested also. Please send me an invite if you have openings. Donnfos@gmail.com
  9. Spencer Ware is really the best FA RB they could find?
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