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  1. Washington is ranked 5th in pace. Detroit is ranked 28th. Temper expectations.
  2. You folks are under the impression that Green and Carroll will even get minutes. Carroll maybe might get some minutes for Houston to see if he can still defend since he'd been riding the pine all year in San Antonio, but Green looked washed in Utah. Besides, with the way the roster is constructed Green looks more like the third string center at 6'8. ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯
  3. This guy has shot sub 40% the past three years. He will have marginal value at best as a threes/steals specialist. Or maybe he just passed his terrible shooting to Nunn.
  4. Dre was getting worked by Okafor all first half, which resulted in him forcing a lot of tough shots. He was definately playing selfish to not look inferior to Okafor. Wasn't working, not surprised he got benched for Wood.
  5. You cannot drop a player on the same day where they accumulated stats for your team (ie. was in your starting lineup and played a game). If a player played a game, but was on your bench, you can still drop that player on the same day. You can pick up any FA, before, after or even during their game, but you cannot start them for your team unless you pick them up before. (Of course league rules vary)
  6. Gordon shot distribution before getting hurt ~12 FGA, 8 from beyond the arc McLemore shot distribution since Eric Gordon got injured (Nov 13 - present) ~11 FGA, 9 from beyond the arc. He is filling Gordon's role, if he continues to hit shots he'll get minutes, but when Gordon is back I suspect a quick yank on nights they are not dropping. I don't think he has the defense rep that House does to remain on the court when his shot is not falling. [Edit: Houston adding Covington will definitely hurt House, unless they ship off 2 of Rivers, Gordon and McLemore
  7. Either he separated his shoulder or it popped out on the first play of the game. Shoulder was slouched, took the foul and headed immediately to the locker room.
  8. I think his ceiling this year is capped at 14/6 with 2 threes. He's been piling up minutes lately but hasn't provided much in defensive stats all year. Trae should rightfully get his but the Hawks simply have too many wings. Heurter, Bembry, Parker, the ghost of VC all like to put up shots.
  9. Nurse was vocally critical of RHJ earlier in pre-season for lack of effort and defense. Maybe he's shown improvement in recent practices to enter the rotation or maybe he is simply a warm body that the Raptors are currently in need of. Either way don't expect long term value unless the injuries continue to pile up.
  10. One monster scoring game followed by a stinker...but in the end it's 22PPG.
  11. I expect some blocks, rebounds and a whole lot of foul trouble. His slender frame is not built to bang with bigger centers for 30+ minutes and that's assuming he'll stay out of foul trouble. Temper expectations.
  12. Usage rate has no bearing on rebounding and defensive stats, which is Bam's bread and butter and what owners drafted him for. Scoring potential is just icing.
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