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  1. At 4:03 I swapped out Allen for Mostert. Now I got to hope pit D balls the f out to move on due to the eight point difference. I hate myself soo much 🤦‍♂️
  2. First time watching the Titans all year. Even if they make they playoffs I may not watch them again 😴.* *annoyed watson owner
  3. Lmao I talked myself out of starting him, so there you guys go lol. Good luck this week everyone, let's bring home that 🤑🤑!
  4. While I still like him, this does scare me. Plus the 49ers should kill the falcons, so I could see a revenge game for Tevin Coleman.(unless I don’t play Raheem that is ofc)
  5. Hahah shoot I probs should update that I haven’t even changed it since before the year. (Just use mobile so never see it) Godwin been locked in starting for a while 😅
  6. I feel you indirectly the same way. A team in my league just had Connor/bell/juju/thielen/Hilton out and he had Chark get hurt
  7. Put a claim on Gould as like third or fourth priority earlier this week thinking nobody else would. Someone did whatever. Until I check today and he has him on the bench as a second kicker. I have a feeling my stacked team is going to be hosed by the kicker spot. Oh and someone a team that has Chubb and zeke is a lower seed than a team that kept josh Allen. So instead of an “easy” matchup(30 point difference) I get to face off with the second highest(just unlucky to be 6-7) team in the semis.
  8. Didn’t expect to not be crazy lol. Any other takes? Since the thought of sitting Julio is scary af ngl
  9. Sorry for being late but thanks for the help on mine. Good luck!
  10. I would go Brisset as well. NO should be mad and ahead early, so ample opportunity for Jacoby.
  11. Hey guys I’m torn. Do I roll with Julio vs the 49ers(no Sherman still scares me due to pass rush), or do I throw Mostert in my flex? Sitting Keenan Allen or Landry are options too, but just feel like Julio may be the right call. So is it or am I just overthinking and should stick with the old “always play your studs” motto? Good luck to all the rest of the way!
  12. So in my PPR league I'm torn on my flex*. Should I stick with my ole reliable in Keenan Allen, or roll the dice with Raheem the Dream to bring me a shot at the 🤑. *rbs:are cook/fournette and Wrs: Julio/Landry/Godwin Thanks for any help, I'll gladly return the favor! Good luck this weekend everyone!
  13. Chark. While the matchup isn't the best, when in doubt keep it simple: Always play your studs. Would rather die like that then have one blow up on my bench. Good luck!
  14. I guess I'd go Powell since plenty of touches should be coming his way.
  15. Looking ahead towards next week post bye I see I have a struggle. I’m going to have to decide to bench one of Landry/Mack/Godwin. (Julio/Allen/cool/fournette being why 👌🙌) Just hope the sixth seed that snuck in doesn't win. Beaten me twice this year and Michael Thomas is scary lol
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