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  1. Jameis Winston point shaved his way to my fantasy loss. I don't know any other quarterback who throws so many passes on the money to the opposing team.
  2. Welp... I guess up next is the CFL and after that is prison. This guy is a mess on and off the field.
  3. If Dak caught a late burning STD and sat yesterday out I would have won. Of course he played and dropped a -2. I lost by 1.
  4. I'll get this out of the way for the Henry guys.... "If you take away the two Murray TDs, Henry has a better game. Start every week!"
  5. 4.6 ppg and 5 apg against playoff teams this year over 30 minutes a game. yayyyyyy
  6. scared little rabbit. not even the best rookie on his own team. dad dug his grave for him.
  7. No fire. Looks like he could cry on the court. But don't forget... He's better than Steph Curry according to papa.
  8. Murray good drive to start. Fool me once, shame on you... Fool me twice, run to this message board and say the coach doesn't know what he's doing.
  9. 25 from Murray here. AP, Ingram, and Hyde gave a nice blast from the past to give a little hope I guess.
  10. Yes. Please email league safe invite and yahoo invite to cpc115@gmail.com.
  11. Shannahan is in over his head. In a completely winnable game he found a way to take the ball away from his best player. Complete embarrassment that this offense has managed no TDs since the Thursday night outbreak. Conceivably, they could have been 4-1.
  12. Kyle Rudolph. 22 TE scored better than him in PPR so far. He was well on his way to another 0 before he got two surprise targets late in the game on Sunday.
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