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  1. This seemed like a fun thread idea, thank u to the creator. I wanted to come away in both of my redraft leagues with Metcalf and AJ Brown. Figured both would be huge in PPR. Draft strategy was RB, then take Lamar Jackson (QB friendly leagues), then AJ Brown and then Metcalf. Had the 1st pick so I went CMC, Lamar Jackson, AJ Brown and was super pumped thinking I could get Metcalf since he was ranked as basically a 5th rder and I was gonna grab in the 4th. Went the pick before me and it literally left me scrambling and ended up with Tyler Lockett (ugggghhhh) but was still able to la
  2. Hey can someone unlock the threads, I mean really. Why on earth is the David Montgomery thread locked. Aaron Jones as well?!?!?!? This is a huge disservice to people who frequent these forums and are trying to gauge value on some of these players going forward.
  3. Why on earth was this cut from the team? I understand he’s having an underwhelming season but he was a huge part of their success last season and this just seems so odd to me.
  4. With Lamar Miller going down can we expect heavy usage out of Crockett on early downs or is he gonna get passed over for a free agent signee?
  5. So now that Edwin Diaz is a Met, who’s next in line in Seattle? A.Colome?
  6. At the end of the day let’s just all agree he’s not for everyone and be done with it. This petty back n forth gets us no where. His problem all along was the reduced velocity was allowing hitters to lay off his secondary stuff and sit on the fast ball. If his velocity is back up then that helps play up his other pitches and keep hitters honest. I’ve taken worse fliers.
  7. So whatcha guys think, can Lincecum really be in the mix to be the Rangers’ closer.
  8. I wonder what the St. Louis Blue Jays will think of this signing.
  9. How would u guys rank the “closers” that have been discussed on this page? Yates Boxberger Hirano Gregerson
  10. Can anyone tell me if this is true and where this is being cited from?
  11. I was saying to myself there’s really nobody that I like hafta have on my team nowadays. Then a name popped into my head, Billy Hamilton. I love owning him but then I said to myself I’m not really obsessed with him or anything and then that’s when it hit me, the guy I’m obsessed with: Brendan Rodgers. I MUST own him in every keeper league I’m in and I do. I just think he’s gonna be such a dynamic ball player, I really do. I gave it thought a few weeks back, I wouldn’t trade him for Altuve if I had the chance. Doesn’t matter though cause if u owned Altuve u wouldn’t trade him for Rodgers I'm su
  12. Wow. Just looked it up. The trade occurred in 2011 and it was: Dee Gordon Logan Morrison Justin Smoak Chris Sale for Ubaldo Jimenez Man did I ever hoot and holler over that trade. It passed and I was not in the least bit happy about it. Goes to show u, ya just never know.
  13. In my keeper league, my first one I ever did too (started mid season 2003) it was Mark Prior. Loved that dude. A shame his career turned out the way it did but he had that whole inverted W thing going on and it did him in. I had Jeter in that league from like 2005 on. Always loved having him on my squad. It’s how I got the nickname Jeter in all my leagues. Nowadays I’m such a fan of Arenado. Guy is a vacuum at 3B and just a thing of beauty at the plate. I really woulda loved to have seen guys naming guys that typically go 5th Rd or later but is what it is
  14. Well said. One of the better stated posts I’ve seen on this site.
  15. Made 4 starts last year. Won’t pitch til mid season at best (most likely) and has been dumpster trash for quite a while. This guy will make $4.9 mil. It just blows my mind that this dude with all of this ish I just listed decided to argue a $4.7 mil salary to $4.9 and he wins. Like wth.
  16. The fact that Shelby Miller won his arbitration case is a joke. Guy was offered 4.7 mil and actually argued to get it to 4.9 AND wins. Wow, just wow, all around wow.
  17. My thinking is Machado is more consistent and Bichette is an animal but still no sure thing. Guys fall through all the time, Brandon Wood and Brett Lawrie instantly come to mind. Now I don’t think that’ll be the case with Bichette but he could easily get jerked around and never reach his potential or reach it years down the line. I think owning Senzel lessens the blow of losing a Bregman type player.
  18. 18 Team Dynasty 6x6 H2H that uses Walks for hitter and Holds for pitchers I gave Bregman and Bo Bichette for Manny Machado I have K.Bryant as 3B protection in case Machado moves back to SS. I also have Senzel in my MiLB and he’s pretty much a Bregman clone.
  19. I’d sell high on someone like Votto. Older guy coming off a big season arguably his best ever and that’s saying a lot. Pham strikes me as a buy low. Lots of Pham love on these forums but still a relative unknown. If he puts up a season similar to last year he’s gonna jump several rounds and be worth way more than what u invested in him. Ian Desmond might be a buy low. Can’t get any worse than last season for him and he calls Colorado home so anything is possible, wouldn’t be surprised in the least if this dude put up 90 25 90 with a good 10 steals or so. I’m not sayin
  20. This Austin Jackson signing does have some significance to the Jarrod Dyson owners out there like myself. Felt like the Giants were the perfect fit for him, especially with their revamped offense. He woulda been nice to see leading off for them. Oh well.
  21. Stanton being traded away wasn’t about getting chips back. It was a straight salary dump of the largest contract in baseball history. One that is and was not easy to move. It’s the equivalent of them just having let him walk away in free agency for nothing. They got themselves out from under a huge financial obligation that would have crippled that franchise competitively. U could build a 1/4 to 1/3 of a competitive 25 man roster for what that dude alone was getting paid each season.
  22. I agree with this statement. And to address the previous poster saying not all rebuilds are the same I also agree. Here’s the thing for me, if I’m Marlins ownership right now I don’t wanna put a decent product out on the field because I don’t wanna compete in the slightest. I understand wanting to put fans in the stands but let’s be real, nobody was coming to see Stanton last year and dude was going for 61 HRs. So if Stanton is putting maybe 2000 extra fans in the seats, heck let’s even go as far as 5000 (which he wasn’t but maybe collectively the group was) extra fans in the seats then how mu
  23. True. They had a solid team that could contend for the playoffs. But I don’t think they were contenders and they were coming up on having to pay these guys some serious money. The Stanton contract was gonna handicap em for years to come. They are choosing to build it from the ground up and have all controllable players at smaller salaries for several years, giving them not just a one year chance if they make the playoffs this season or next (which wasn’t a given) when they’d probably be one and done......they are instead thinking dynasty. I like it. I liken it to taking over a mediocre team in
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