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  1. They have revamped the interface in the last couple of years. Maybe you'd like it more now. I know you can start a free league and test it out if you feel so inclined. And I wasn't implying that you had technical issues, just relaying that there was some pushback when we first went over that has now turned into a website we all enjoy.
  2. I also agree with this concept, however I have very little problem with the Fantrax interface. Their mobile app could use some work but I find the customization options and the ability to do almost whatever you want with your league far outweighs any interface issues I have. My league also has a few members who don't mix with technology and all managed to figure out and even enjoy the website. I could never go back to Yahoo and before that All-star stats (Blech).
  3. I think he will be an everyday starter and they just want to increase his flexibility.
  4. Just a counter point and SSS but he was very good in the playoffs. Maybe he was turning it back on again.
  5. Love this kid for a breakout. What I like is he REDUCED his launch angle from a Rookie year 20 degrees. If he can maintain it around 15 degrees I like him to hit for a decent average and not lose power. As stated, his quality of contact dropped a bit last year but his Exit velocity actually increased and his Hard hit % only dropped a tad. If he can maintain a strike out rate around 26% and factor in the elite lineup I really like his ADP of 214.
  6. I wager he hits high in the order too. Great AVG. and a good OBP can give you a lot of counting stats.
  7. One could argue that being prepared is a skill.
  8. I take all those guys over Gallen. I don't hate the guy but he's gotten lucky in two SSS seasons. Maybe he can continue to have a 84% LOB and sub .270 BABIP, with a fairly high walk rate, but I'm going to let someone else take that chance. Unless he slips I'm avoiding.
  9. While Gallen has been good over his 150 major league innings, split over '19 and '20, I think he is due for some regression. His BABIP and LOB% are not supported by his minor league numbers and with a return to league average should raise his ERA considerably. I do like his four pitch mix. His Changeup gets elite WHIFFs and he mixes in his Curve and Cutter/slider well. While he does strike guys out at a good clip, he also walks a good amount. When all this is considered, I think he is a risk at ADP 40. While I think the Ks will be there, I think his other numbers come back down to
  10. I was under the impression that you had to pay for Zoom if you went over 45 minutes? My home league is looking into using Skype as the app is free to use if you are calling to a mobile or pc that has the app Downloaded and active. I believe it just requires a Microsoft account. You get a 10 hour time limit per day split into 4 hour blocks. I wish I had more info for you but I've only made a few calls with it and never had 12 people on the line at once.
  11. He has stated that a big reason for his struggles was the fact that players were unable to watch video during games and in between at bats in '20. It has already been confirmed that players will be able to access video in '21. I really like him for a modest bounce back and like the Roto champ projection above as a good baseline.
  12. To have sustained success he needs to cut down on the walks. Especially since his LOB% and BABIP are due for some regression. I do love his new pitch mix and I think Derek Johnson will have him play to his strengths. I love his fastball as he paints the outside corner to righties and inside to lefties pretty consistently. With its high velocity and elite spinrate it is definitely a quality offering. At ADP 359 he's someone to consider for deeper leagues and in shallow ones he's someone to keep an eye on. Question for you @meh2 Where do you find Swinging strike rate for individual pitche
  13. A lot of leagues do update eligibility. In season eligibility gains are a part of every league I play in.
  14. As of right now my home league is planning to have unlimited COVID IL spots. The question I have is how you handle WW priority and what about the players who they don't announce as positive test recipients, as they did that quite a few times last year?
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