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  1. This has got to be a joke. The guy was a pretty solid power bat in TB and Min. and never really got a chance in LA. He is health and has moved to the premier hitters park in the League. It's been 28 AB for crying out loud and the weather hasn't even started to warm. I'd really like to know what's on your WW that you'd even consider dropping Cron for?
  2. Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reports that the Braves have acquired infielder Orlando Arcia from the Brewers. No word yet on the terms involved. There was some speculation that the Padres could be a fit with the Fernando Tatis Jr. (shoulder) situation, but apparently the Braves view him as an upgrade as a utility infielder. Arcia has never been a league-average hitter, but he at least showed signs of improvement last season with five homers and a .260/.317/.416 batting line over 189 plate appearances. He played some third base in the spring and should see action all over the Braves' i
  3. Why do you think Lowe is a C+ player? The guy has done nothing but hit since his call up. He was also a pretty well regarded prospect who has improved his K/BB percent over the last three years. He also barrels the ball up quite a bit and hits it hard when he makes contact. These are all good attributes and while I don't think he's a superstar he's definitely better than a C+ player.
  4. Painted the bottom of the zone with that fastball to strike him out looking.
  5. On broadcast they said Soria left with the trainer due to injury.
  6. Scott looked pretty good and should have had a called strike three on Devers to open the inning but Joe West blew the call.
  7. Looking at that chart, he only threw 2 fastballs and one was a sinker. Maybe he's working on a new grip or messing with spin rate, as it does look like his spin was up on the fastball. While I do agree that so far the results aren't promising and I'm also concerned over the dip in velocity, it is only spring training. At Hands current ADP I am probably avoiding, but if you can grab him a round or two later and then handcuff with Rainey, I'm not totally opposed to that. He is one of the few closers at this point with an established role, which is valuable, especially in only leagues.
  8. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/nationals-brad-hand-velocity-creeping-up/ I read this in regard to Hands velocity, which they say is right were he was last year. I agree that he has looked bad this Spring stat wise, but his velocity is where it was last year and he put up great numbers. I don't think it's time to panic on Hand yet, although having a contingency plan might not be a bad idea.
  9. I think it's a good think for this year, knowing that hes played through it in the past and has performed at elite levels. It might be an issue that eventually needs Surgery or something of that nature, which is something to factor in keeper leagues. I feel much better about it now than I did a few hours ago, knowing that he would have played if this was the regular season. They have been babying him throughout spring, so that's probably why he came out. Lets see what they say tomorrow.
  10. Here is the latest per Sportsedge: Padres manager Jayce Tingler revealed Tuesday that Fernando Tatis Jr. has battled left shoulder discomfort off and on over the years. Tingler offered up that information in relation to Tatis' early exit from Tuesday afternoon's Cactus League game against the Reds and said the star shortstop probably would have kept playing had it been the regular season. Tatis might be shut down for a few days, but the early reports are encouraging. "He’s managed it through the years," Tingler said. "It comes and goes over the years. He does a pretty good job
  11. I don't understand why daily roster moves has to be associated with waiver wire transactions. In my main league we actually have daily moves for hitting and moves for pitchers twice a week, Monday and Thursday. We have a FAAB once a week on Mondays. I love this setup and I think it lets you maximize your roster potential while also allowing to have all the pitchers on your roster get at least one start a week.
  12. I think he meant that this is a better park for hitting than Bell has hit in the past ie. Pittsburgh.
  13. I paid $17 for him as my CI yesterday but my only other options at the time were Riley (who I liked but I couldn't take the potential AVG drain) and Aguilar. It was definitely an overpay but I'm confident in him performing baring injury. 10 team NL only BTW.
  14. Nationals manager Dave Martinez said after Friday's Grapefruit League game that Victor Robles was pulled due to tightness in his back. Robles slipped while fielding a single during the fifth inning and it sounds like the Nationals wanted to take every possible precaution and not push him. Martinez indicated that Robles will be examined again on Saturday before the team makes a determination on his status. It sounds like he should be considered day-to-day, though back injuries can be tricky and have a tendency to linger throughout the season. Hopefully we dodged a bul
  15. If you look at this guys ST numbers over the last five years they've all been pretty bad. No power and low AVG. What I do see that is a bit concerning is that he has a 12/0 K/BB. Hopefully, he's just fiddling with his swing.
  16. Does anyone think the move to SS increases his chance for injury? He'll have to turn double plays, cover more of the field, etc.
  17. He's also not Buxton cause he doesn't have the massive injury concerns. Robles has also led off in every game he's playing in this spring. If he can hit .260, he could have a .330 OBP hitting in front of Turner and Soto. All the makings of a 15/25 HR/SB and 100 run season are there. At pick 152 he is definitely worth the gamble. He's also only 23 and I've seen him hitting the ball hard in ST. I think he improves his statcast numbers this year.
  18. You were disappointed in '19? His surface stats were pretty damn good. His statcast was lacking but it was basically his first full year at the age of 21.
  19. He did say ceiling. I think ceiling is 90th percentile and up.
  20. I took a chance and kept this guy in my main league. He lost the weight that slowed him down last season and has 4 SB with a .400 OBP in spring. That's exactly what I'm looking for out of him and I think the talent is there to stick in the leadoff spot all year. He also looks to be hitting the ball with some authority which can hopefully help his poor statcast numbers.
  21. Fantrax is projecting him for .303/33/82/86/20. That just seems absurd to me.
  22. I think the Reds top 6 are pretty good. Lots of OBP and Power. Suarez has hit 100 RBI in '18 and '19 and was on pace for 100 RBI in '20 while only hitting .200. That .200 AVG was also repressed by a ridiculously low BABIP of .214. He's never had a BABIP under .300 in the majors before SSS '20. I think the value on Suarez is great and I don't think Moncada can come close to his upside.
  23. I like this guy too, but the key with him imo is staying healthy. He always seems to have some sort of nagging injury if not a lengthy IL stint. It's because of this that he can be had for cheap at auction or really late at ADP 268. I think that the price is right on this guy and for a dart throw you could do much worse.
  24. He played in 7 of 13 Spring games so far so that's a good sign. He was also a first round draft pick that crushed the minors. I'm sure the Dodgers at least wanna see what they have in him before they write him off. I think if he hits he sticks. Not a bad idea to have a backup plan though.
  25. Yeah he only played OF in the Majors.
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