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  1. He's adapting. His line sucks so he's getting rid of the ball faster. It's pretty damn impressive. Just look at how Romo was raving about him today. I wish he would get a real coach - perhaps go to NE and dominate with Bill later in his career?
  2. Gobble gobble! Time to eat and get FULLER!
  3. Anyone know anything about this injury? Is he in danger of missing this week?
  4. I can't tell you how much a relief it is to get this Diva off my team. Please for your mental health, send him away!
  5. STUD, ww champ! [...] Gotta love the goal line carries.
  6. So before the season started after Damien opted out, you're saying you didn't think he was worth a first round pick because this was my breakdown: Pros: -#1 offense in the league -#1 back in an Andy Reid offense -Chiefs spent major draft capital on him -Supposedly hand picked by Mahomes Cons: -He's a rookie I don't even own him (in fact in my main league I traded my pick away to go for "surefire" Michael Thomas instead) but to go back now with hindsight bias and say he was not worth a 1st round pick when all those factors were there is disingenuou
  7. Never did I say it was a crutch to be on a better offense. I'm just saying his TD variability is going to be much higher since there are so many more mouths to feed in terms of scoring TDs. Had Bell not become available, we could have easily seen games where CEH scores multiple TDs and he actually does live up to his first round status. Now its not a possibility and the people coming in gloating certainly could predict the future couldn't they?
  8. Let's just be civil and not come in here gloating that you knew CEH would be a fantasy bust because there was no way anyone could have predicted that Le'veon Bell would be a free agent 5 games into the season. Before the season started and Damien decided not to play, the hype was certainly warranted for a first round pick. The yardage has been pretty decent overall so he's delivered on that aspect. However, people failed to realize then that since the Chiefs have so many weapons, his TD potential is actually more limited than other backs in the first round so he hasn't met the lofty exp
  9. I have to throw him out there out of necessity, so let's just hope he breaks a huge run, then rests up. Could you imagine him with a full workload when healthy for the ROS? Giddy up!
  10. Tom hasn't even looked at Miller's way at all... What did Scotty do make a pass at Giselle?
  11. I'd argue that he's taking too many big hits because he's not getting out of the pocket but instead holding the ball looking for a home run.
  12. He definitely needs to start running more. Hopefully the new coaching regime recognizes this.
  13. Chubb down, Damien in, LEGGO!!!!!!!
  14. Actually ended up winning becuase when they sored that first td, I gained 4 points! Then it all went to ****!
  15. Yeah Harris RB1 fa sho! Let's go! Don't throw the ball anymore, lets get through this game!
  16. I'm up 7.xx points vs the chiefs defense. I can't wait til Hoyer throws this inevitable pick 6...
  17. Minshew killed so many drives tonight, but Lavishka didn't show me too much after the catch either. We need Chark back to open up the field. Still a hold, and even play at times for us in deeper leagues and riddled by injury!
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