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  1. Orlansky just called him the new Percy Harvin. Giddyup!
  2. SEP 24 MU [99083] TOTAL O35½-130 (L SHENAULT (JAC) RCV YDS VRS L SHENAULT (JAC) RCV YDS) 65.00 USD/50.00 USD Easiest money ever, leggo! Also playing him due to MT injury!
  3. Luckily the Raiders #1 weapon is Josh Jacobs and not dink and dunks to Waller. I think he will be fine.
  4. He also made Teddy Bridgewater look good too!
  5. Carr's speech at the end of the game about Waller gave me the warm and fuzzies! Go Waller, such a baller!
  6. In standard who would you choose? If it were PPR I would go with Ajones easily but since it is standard I'm leaning Chubb. Any thoughts?
  7. In standard, I am strongly considering CEH over MT as well. There's just so much depth in WR this year and Andy Reid RBs have never done me wrong.
  8. Definitely thought Ertz was going to regress, and wasn't targeting him, but he fell to the 6th round and I thought the "value" was too high not to pick him. I guess I was wrong.
  9. He's right Yahoo added that 15 yeard catch a few minutes later.
  10. Yeah I did too, but in one Yahoo league I get the TD and in the other I don't. Its peculiar, the settings for scoring are the same too.
  11. Anyone getting differences in the Buffalo Defense? In one league I have the TD return at the end and in another it doesn't count. Settings appear the same for both leagues...
  12. Lol, 1st and goal at the 1, 4 passing plays. I kind of miss the old school football...
  13. I'm doing the exact same thing although I could see Josh getting some garbage time points.
  14. Well at least Mccoy looks great! Lots of pie in the face for some people...
  15. Well thanks Chiefs beat writers for having me move out Mccoy last minute. Christ!
  16. Anyone else pull him like an idiot because of the "minutes restriction"? D'oh!
  17. Usage is extremely encouraging. He is a monster in everything except for FG% so far. Keep laying that brickhouse for all I care if all those raw stats remain!
  18. I've always traditionally played roto and I love that there is less variance than H2H. However another problem arises in roto is that the bottom teams start not caring later in the season and that skews the points system at times. As such, I'm proposing to my league that we remove the total games limit in Roto. Instead we will set our lineups once a week similar to football where our lineups lock and we accumulate stats. Then we could implement bonuses for getting the highest for each statistical category in a given week to ensure that there is always an incentive to set your li
  19. He's going to be a monster the rest of this season to avenge the multiple snubs. He just made a pull up 15 foot jumper and it looked nice. Once he begins to get a semi consistent jumper, the NBA better watch out!
  20. This line was so pretty to watch happen live... He had a sequence where he blocked tollivers three point shot, and ran down the court for a dunk to help save the game. This is kds only chance to stir up an mvp conversation and hopefully he takes advantage of it.
  21. Thank God!! We're out of bledsoe purgatory!!!! Let's goooooo!!!
  22. The overreactions in all of the threads on this forum is getting out of hand. It's like no one here has ever played fantasy basketball. Are you all ok with his line now? He looks like the ATL Demarre out there and will provide mid round value barring injuries.
  23. Wow, this guy already missed a shot... What a scrub...!! Hahaha, wow what a revelation! I hope the coachspeak is true and he's really earned minutes next to Turner because he has been incredible.
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