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  1. He looks great out there. He's playing with alot of energy and they even give it to him to run the pick and roll occasionally.
  2. Let's just call him Dwayne "Powerball" Washington, because he's our lotto ticket and he's taking us to the promised land! Also, in regards to names, J.Brown from the Cardinals is most likely available in all your leagues! I'm not expecting anything against GB, but if he gets 10-15 touches a game, that is good enough for me. RB position is not what it once used to be due to the evolution of passing football. At times during the past few seasons, it just hard enough to just fill out the RB positions week to week so anyone that gets touches is valuable nowadays.
  3. And to think, the Spurs were probably a Manu Ginobli foul on Dirk away from 3-peating and really becoming the great dynasty that they deserved to be. Also, last year game 6... It just shows how damn hard it is to win the damn title each year. For the Spurs to be a contender year in and year out is a testament to how great the organization is from top to bottom. Kudos to them and from Tony Parker's comments, it looks like their well oiled machine is coming back for at least another year.
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