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  1. To be clear, you are saying I should have a hamstring-injured Parker in over Gage, Meyers, or Higgins (all healthy and a great matchup for Higgins?)
  2. I think Gaskin is your guy, but wait and see if anything comes out pre-game about who will be getting the most touches. If you hear anything about Gaskin being limited to ease back in, then go with Brown. Otherwise, Gaskin has more potential for points with Brown being risky to bust with so many mouths for Brady to feed. Especially with PPR, Brown won't give you a leg up there if he only has a few targets (his upside is big play potential but that's risky.) Help? >>
  3. Also forgot to mention - Rashard Higgins is also available on FA. (Against the Jets)
  4. Julio has been ruled out, leaving me an open FLEX spot. My options are Parker, Gage, Meyers, Michel. Who do you pick? Also, with Julio out does that elevate Hurst to start at TE instead of Kmet? Starters:QB: Kyler Murray - Proj. 24.68WR: Mike Evans - Proj. 12.39 WR: Emmanuel Sanders - Proj. 10.73RB: Dalvin Cook - Proj. 18.37RB: David Montgomery - Proj. 15.91 TE: Cole Kmet - Proj. 7.23W/R/T: Jeff Wilson - Proj. 11.27W/R/T: OPEN, OPTIONS W/ NOTES BELOWBench: WR: DeVante Parker - Proj. 10.88 (Questionable with hamstring injury but a good matchup against weak Raiders secondary) WR: Russe
  5. Thanks! Def depends when we find out about Julio's status. If it's gameday (Sunday), I might have to run with Gage instead since Parker plays Saturday. Wondering if we find out Parker is full-go on Saturday (which scares me a bit) and Julio is still questionable, I just throw Parker in to replace Julio and remove any reward/risk that I would have gotten from Julio / replacing him with Gage at the last minute if Julio sits out.
  6. Fournette here. But wait and see any news out of the SF backfield, because Wilson is higher risk/reward. But in a champsionship week, Fournette makes sense.
  7. I have some interesting bench options to pick from as things clear up on the injury front for my usual starters -- see those in bold below for who I'm specifically looking at (and give me any other suggestions if you have them)! Starters:QB: Kyler Murray - Proj. 24.68WR: Mike Evans - Proj. 12.39WR: Julio Jones - Proj. 13.17 - Questionable, I have Gage on my bench if he sits. Even if he does start, is he too risky here?RB: Dalvin Cook - Proj. 18.37RB: David Montgomery - Proj. 15.91TE: Cole Kmet - Proj. 7.23 - Potential high-ish reward. On the flip side, if Julio is out again, does that ele
  8. Whoops haha. I was thinking Michael Thomas. I personally have Russell Gage as a fill-in for Julio so that was on my mind. (I have Sanders, Julio, Gage on my team.) Still, go Sanders here since that's still what I meant.
  9. 1. I would leave Hurts alone, start Herbert. Never trust a (newer) rookie QB who can be taken out at any moment for Wentz as soon as he starts struggling. It was his first full start last week - Dallas will look to contain him as a runner and force him to throw the ball / create turnovers. 2. Sanders by a mile. JT is up against the Steelers tough run defense. 3. I'd go Emmanuel Sanders here, even if Julio starts. If Julio doesn't, he's the WR1 again. Help me? -->
  10. I've been very passive about upgrading my TE spot all year (I have Ebron and Hurst), and now it's coming back to haunt me in the championship with both of my guys taking a massive dip the second half of the season. Should I look to swap one of them for the below available, given the injury to Ebron (Q) and Hurst's tough matchup @ KC? I'm eyeing Eifert or Kmet from the below, I think. Available FA TE's: FA: Cole Kmet @ Jax (projected 8.34) - Has a great matchup against Jax, but splitting snaps with Jimmy Graham. FA: Jordan Reed @ Ari (projected 6.04) - Caught 2 TD's in last 3 games, but
  11. My team is below -- the best available WR's for this week (by projected points) are below. Would be candidates over Pittman/Sanders or the flex spot Mostert is filling, but LMK what you think about that Mostert/Wilson situation too... Available FA WR's: FA: Kendrick Bourne @ Dal (projected 9.04) FA: Jakobi Myers @Mia (projected 8.59) FA: Russell Gage vs. TB (projected 8.50) FA: Michael Gallup vs. SF (projected 8.40) My Team QB: Kyler Murray - Proj. 22.78 WR: Mike Evans - Proj. 12.23 WR: Michael Pittman - Proj. 9.12 RB: Dalvin Cook - Proj. 19.15 RB: David Montgomery
  12. I have KC's defense (projected 5.25 points) which has been solid and over-performing the projections most weeks, but against NO this week in the playoffs seems risky. Any of the below feel better? Tennessee (vs. Detroit) - 6.93 projected points Arizona (vs. Phi) - 6.86 projected points Miami (vs. NE) - 6.63 projected points New England (@ Mia) - 6.24 projected points NY Giants (vs. Cle) - 6.06 projected points Dallas (vs. SF) - 5.88 projected points
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