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  1. Yeah, the "gameflow" crowd should be pretty silent after CT got 1 target and 0 touches in a negative gamescript game. Last remaining roadblock are when the Ozigbo and co. JAGS get off the IR in a few weeks, but I can't picture them derailing this train.
  2. Lots of cool bro’s stories seeping into the thread, but I’ll take that over a few pages ago with former ozigbo owners arguing that his 4th quarter usage means he’s still overproducing... I don’t think he will finish in the top 12 at his position but there is literally no reason to undersell a RB2 year for a waiver add. We just gotta weather the storm when he Inevitably has a 17 touches for 55 scoreless total yards kinda day and not listen to the trolls.
  3. Re: the Thompson snap share, Robinson is showing us in real-time he can handle and make the most of the passing game so it’s not impossible that he will get more hurry up looks in practice. The coaches are still learning what they have in him. Put another way: did Chris Thompson do more with his snaps and passing touches? No he didn’t... And to the equity thing discussed above they were planning to play this guy, and listed him as the starter, when ozigbo and armstead were still in the picture. And we have a large data set of JAG for those guys.
  4. That’s just patently untrue my dude. Sorry that you drafted fournette high
  5. Talent is there, but this guy is looking like a waste of a mid round pick. He's definitely a hold but I don't see him magically being a consistent weekly starter. Guys I drafted 5 rounds later (Desean) look juicier to me than him. /vent
  6. Hard to ask for much more. Clearly he was a priority to feature even when playing from behind (one of the major potential knocks on him). I'm fine with CT taking a little of the passing reps but it was hard to see him score the play after JR caught a ball down to the 2. Oh well, he's fulfilling all of our alfred morris rookie year fantasies- rock on guy!
  7. fournette didnt even do those things half the time
  8. agreed, he’s absolutely getting it done
  9. Crichton got trout-rendon-pujols 1-2-3 for the save. He’s the closer officially for now I’d say. I wonder if he’s gonna get any consideration for the job next year?
  10. Don't know how today can be called anything but a rousing success. Averaging 5+ YPC and had a few big plays. The Colts TOP in the 2nd half stopped him from having a larger game. Jags looking better than expected so gameflow better. Alfred Morris rookie year appears in reach.
  11. Jaguars OC Jay Gruden confirmed that James Robinson will start Week 1 and “can handle the workload.” “He’s ready. We have every indication that we’ve seen in training camp that he can handle it,” Gruden said. “Evolving into a starter is almost impossible without preseason games, but he made us all feel very comfortable.” Gruden also talked up Robinson's pass-catching and blocking, though we expect Chris Thompson to spell him on third downs. Robinson could potentially see Leonard Fournette’s 83 percent snap rate as the new lead back in Jacksonville.
  12. He looked electric on every touch. Hit next level with authority, sick jump cuts, looked about to break every run for a big gain. Chip on his shoulder no doubt. Duke running in quicksand into the pile with no vision as usual then injured. Buy buy buy from some idiot who thinks he's selling high.
  13. Alfred morris, who others have mentioned, is the only other situation like this that I can recall.
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