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  1. I understand and am somewhat of a purist myself with these rule changes but why does the guy who leaves in the 5th with the lead getting a win dilute the game more than a reliever being chosen at random to get it when they should get a hold? This isn't a result of the new age of baseball making me think that; it just doesn't make any sense.
  2. Agreed that's the rule but it's pretty dumb. The starter should be eligible regardless and the scorer should have the discretion to choose him if he was really the best pitcher. He or the relievers should all be eligible regardless, with 5 IP meaning it's a guarantee. He shouldn't be INELIGIBLE with 4.1 IP.
  3. Dude looked healthy this spring, finally running a little bit and using "2 legs as opposed to 1 last year." However, dude looks lost right now. Getting quite a few "off days"
  4. .306 average with an 800 OPS - true 5 category player thus far
  5. Realized I quoted an article and didn't post a source: https://www.masnsports.com/nationals-pastime/2021/04/questions-about-strasburg-abound-in-blowout-loss.html “We talked to him. He didn’t complain about anything,” Martinez said during a rare postgame Zoom session in which the jovial skipper turned testy. How, then, to explain Strasburg’s miserable performance? Only twice in his career had he surrendered more than eight runs in a start: once in 2016 in Colorado (when it turned out he was injured) and once in 2019 in Arizona (when it turned out he was tipping his
  6. With Fried being deep fried (he gave up 8 runs BEFORE the hamstring, so he may be more banged up than we know) Ynoa's chances of sticking increase
  7. "He wasn’t finishing his pitches. Instead of driving toward the plate, he was peeling off toward the first base dugout. He was occasionally testing out his left side, then his neck. A camera later spotted him in the tunnel behind the dugout feeling around his right shoulder and neck." As a healthcare workeer, FWIW, that description and the picture is roughly where you WOULD feel pain (i.e. deltoid where they give the shot). And the myalgias (muscle aches) from the vaccine aren't limited to where you get vaccinated (re: the left side and neck stuff). That said, it's also
  8. Did he really have the vaccine the day before? I can’t find it reported anywhere. if so I’ll breathe a bit easier.
  9. Benched today, might be the start of more to come. This guy is really disappointing
  10. Phillip Evans: He’s now hitting the ball hard (12% Barrel%) with improving plate discipline (Career 20% K%, 10% in 2021). -Rotographs waiver wire thread this weekend
  11. I'm emptying my wallet on faab tonight for him. Giddyup
  12. 2 more hits including an RBI double... When I posted this thread i thought I was gonna get laughed out of here, but we may be onto something
  13. Ynoa needs to be added in all leagues like yesterday.
  14. Yeah right now he’s essentially their backup CIF and COF. He’s started multiple games in OF during this hot streak. so I think Kebryans return won’t affect him much. I think the plan was to have him play anyway. It’s very telling they felt comfortable releasing Todd Frazier as a backup infielder plus anyone and everyone on this team will get traded in July
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