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  1. Reagor (full disclosure, I'm starting him at flex over Snell)
  2. My team is up 4 points right now with my TE slot still to go. Opponent has SEA D & Justin Tucker to go. Given that situation in a .5 PPR league, should I roll the dice for a bit more upside tomorrow night with Ebron or go with the safer play tonight with Dissly? WHIR - leave a link
  3. Same here. Benched Diggs for Inman and Allen for Carr in the same league. 🤮
  4. 0.5 PPR - injuries have me deciding between the following guys as my RB2: Gore at Ind or Burkhead vs LV Thanks and leave a link
  5. I'd go with Miller. Seems to have good chemistry with Brady and extra targets to go around this week.
  6. agree with the Edmonds sentiment. he was too damn good last year when given the opportunity to feature. he'd be a 3-down RB1, like Drake. nobody else listed has the upside and he slots in perfectly as insurance for your early round pick.
  7. You gotta go with Ridley. He's the better player and his points will offset Ryan's impact. Plus, think about how much you'd hate yourself if Ridley goes off while on your bench, knowing all the his great work only helped your opponent.
  8. Need help with my flex for week 2 in a PPR league. Double TE with Higbee or do I choose a WR from Shepard & Mike Williams or go with the Jags starting RB Robinson? Thanks and leave a link.
  9. Late to reply but based on today's game it is clear Chubb's usage is at risk when Cle is down. That needs to be considered.
  10. ended up choosing Kamara over Cook, as both CEH & Henry we picked already. thanks everyone.
  11. I think you stand pat but the young guys are fine to swap with either of the older guys if you have a hunch. Might be too late after this weekend's games though, depending on how the rookies show.
  12. love that thinking and have been noodling on it as well. very reasonable chance both CEH & Henry might be gone before I pick and in that case I should figure out between Cook and Kamara as well.
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