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  1. Yeah. Fitz throwing to Terry and Samuel with Gibson coming out of the backfield is a FAST fast offense. Logan Thomas was pretty damn good last season as well. They have some weapons. Now they just have to get through the inevitable back-breaking bone-headed random Fitz interceptions and they'll be in good shape (i like him but you KNOW it's coming with him. There's a reason he's started games for all 45 NFL teams).
  2. "I'm not a fan of victim shaming...but" I'm about to blame some victims, is pretty much what happened in this comment. It very much seems like the guy is a predator with now-double-digit suits against him who seems to have had a consistent MO. He got off on the power and the abuse. He allegedly did this to a bunch of women who mostly thought they had no recourse until they saw the first lawsuit go public against him. Once that happened I'm sure they reached out to the lawyer who brought the initial charges. When I heard about the first suit I definitely was on the fence about "maybe this
  3. "salary cap reasons" kinda goes out the window when they spend 11 million to get two years of a RB (maybe the most fungible NFL position at this point) coming off a down season. One of the Ringer NFL podcasts was talking about this and one of them said, basically, "The Raiders are doing this all wrong. You're supposed to spend on money on your OLine and save money on your RB". I agree with that.
  4. two seasons in a row of "this guy can't possibly keep being this productive with this few targets". yet--here we are. How many seasons does he have to do it before it's a trend and not just a fluke?
  5. As somebody who owns him in a dynasty league--please god no. The last thing I want is for him to get 6 targets a game from Daniel Jones for the next 3 seasons. This would be an awful landing spot for him.
  6. every season everybody goes in to the season going "you can wait on TE this season! there's good options in the later tiers! There's a lot of TE talent out there!". Every season we find out that actually there's only 2-4 really good dependable TEs and every other TE spends the season bouncing between "sometimes startable" and "waiver wire trash". I'm not saying you should draft a TE super early or late or whatever but just know--this happens almost every season so plan accordingly
  7. Won my dynasty league championship today. Came in to the season absolutely loaded and ended up needing every part of my roster due to injuries. Had top players miss TONS of games. Made it to the final with only 2 healthy WRs on my roster. All of our players have played and I won 115.32 - 70.18 Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson Dalvin Cook, Aaron Jones, James Conner, Damien Harris, Raheem Mostert Davante Adams, AJ Brown, Kenny Golladay, Terry McLaurin George Kittle Russell Wilson (1st half), Dalvin Cook, and Davante Adams carried me to the title. I didn't start Michael Thom
  8. he's going to get 3.2 yards per carry next season and LeFlower is going to ******** love him and give him 30 touches per game.
  9. "Aaron Rodgers is playing chess not checkers here and for that....you need a mate" I'm not sure you know how chess or checkers works, Chris.
  10. he hired a new agent. he's either getting paid big money by GB (unlikely) or he's gone.
  11. AJ has huge run, next possession = dillon dillon dillon dillon. blech.
  12. Good things happen when Aaron Jones gets the ball. Great job by GB hurrying up and getting the next play off so the Titans couldn't review that out-of-bounds. Adams continues to be an absolute beast.
  13. I have Aaron Jones going tonight and I feel very lucky to not need points from him due to my opponent's performance today. what a damn disaster.
  14. I guess Claypool has been hanging out with Johnson. Drops an easy 5 yard TD on 3rd down. Steelers go for it on 4th and incomplete. Great job all around.
  15. that was one of the crazier interception returns i've seen in a long time.
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