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  1. With the way the Cowboys will be staffed on Sunday night, the Eagles will hold out Sanders and let him have the bye week. You and I could be the RB for the Eagles on SNF and they would win easily.
  2. I am just here to listen to one side lament how they have been screwed!
  3. Or I picked up DJ off waivers and am playing him over ARob. Down after TNF and need to find some updside.
  4. Action Network's review of Pitt / Tenn WR /CB match up. The number is the expectation of performance out of three...Higher is better. FWIW don't shoot the messenger! LWR PIT Diontae Johnson 2 RCB TEN Malcolm Butler SWR PIT JuJu Smith-Schuster 0 SCB TEN Kristian Fulton RWR PIT Chase Claypool 0 LCB TEN Johnathan Joseph
  5. agreed...not sure on the Saints injured CB's...Think they will be back.
  6. He is a third year RB...Half his career is already over.
  7. What is the risk in that?...He could play one time in week 17 and ball out...Grow some and say from week 7 ROS he will be a top three WR PPR. If people are trading for him this week, they want to know how he will do from here on out.
  8. in PPR the top three are avg 17.5 FP per game...Lets see how he does...I bet the under 192.5 FP from here ROS. (17.5 x 11 more games) Last year he avg 18.75 FP per game.
  9. It is nearly impossible to exercise a balanced trade for Thomas. There is quite a rift between his actual value and owner's perception of Thomas's value. Maybe another DNP will wake Thomas's owners up that at his current health and situation Thomas cannot be valued as a top three receiver. Doubt it. Hard to accept the draft process failure of selecting a WR in the first round.
  10. I think there is more to this story than what we are being feed. All is not wonderful in Oz.
  11. This guy is killing me...20 team league and his DNP have been terrible.
  12. He is a quality bye week replacement. A league winner if/when Jackson gets hurt. I still believe folks are overly optimistic on Eckler's return timeline
  13. McVay cant run the routes, throw the ball, catch the ball, or run with the ball. But he can work on the teams mental discipline to keep distractions off the field. Team was not engaged and focused vs the 49nrs. Starts with McVay, then down to Goff and Kupp, and Donald. The leaders did not show up tonight. Credit Henderson...he showed up.
  14. [...] Two key divisonal games week 7 and 8...Maybe they bring him back for Dallas. That game is going to be a fantasy bonanza.
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