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  1. All because of a girl I dated, years ago, named CJ.
  2. Spell check sucks. Lol I meant centerFIELD.
  3. I'd never wear tights, that would be scary.
  4. Downgrading him because he'll probably be moved off of short?
  5. He's not? I'd love to have a few players/prospects with a similar offensive profile.
  6. Or possibly centerfold. But, unless there's a trade, he'll be spending most of his time at one of those two positions.
  7. He'll get the tag after the Astros put him on their IL which will probably happen next week.
  8. Yeah, 40+ sb potential is much more likely. I get what you're saying about the power. Who knows. But that's where I don't want to get carried away with my hopes. I'd love to see what would happen if Tristan McKenzie gained 20-30 pounds. Doesn't mean it will happen, though. But, NO Billy! Lol
  9. Yeah, 40-45 steals is the likely ceiling IF we're lucky. Power: 8-12 homers is safe for the floor with 18+ ceiling. Power isn't his calling card, obviously, but he could provide just enough to become really valuable.
  10. One thing to like about him is that his future position is more certain than a lot of other shortstop prospects.
  11. I've been thinking (hoping?) Trea Turner. I'd be thrilled either way. There's more sb potential than Utley (although I loved prime Utley) with a little lower average than Turner.
  12. Actually I was wrong. I had read that. I was, and still am, skeptical. See post above. Now if you want to jump to conclusions that's up to you. Btw, maybe you should just ignore my posts. I won't mind. Go try and pick a fight with someone else.
  13. My point was that the signing shouldn't make anyone assume that Valdez will be out for the entire season. It's way too soon to tell. That's all.
  14. A team has opted out of the 2021 season so a new owner is needed to take over the team (for at least this season). This is a 5x5 10 team AL Only dynasty league -- meaning you can keep all of your players from one year to the next as long as you don't go over the roster limit of 27 players (there are also 3 spots for injured players and 3 spots for prospects). It's a free league on Yahoo with daily roster moves. This will be our 13th season. PM me if you are interested in taking over a team.
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