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  1. It will continue all season if Buxton continues to be unable to hit his way out of a wet paper bag. Polanco might also be decent in the 2-hole.
  2. As a Greg Bird owner, I'm looking to trade him, his value is about as high right now as it might ever be again. Hopefully another team owner will bite on a hot spring training bat rather than look at his injury history and career .214 BA (granted it's through just 576 AB's but it's still .214).
  3. To taobball's point, sometimes we think there may be a higher ceiling on a player when in actuality that player has already shown you who they are. I think Palka has deep-league value as an occasional power source but I wouldn't expect much more than that out of him. He'll be in the line-up until the White Sox get better options, and that time may not come until mid-season or all of 2019, but it's coming.
  4. Park schmark, Franmil can hit a ball out of any stadium. Now whether he keeps the K's down and can work his way into regular PT this year sans trade, that's another story. If he can get some regular loft going, that would be nice too.
  5. The knock on him being a "headcase" hasn't affected his approach or results during what has basically been a pretty stellar career where he has consistently delivered (200+ IP and 190+ K's in four of the last five years, lifetime 3.21 ERA & 1.08 WHIP). His velocity has been trending down, to around 89.5 last year, which is my main concern with him especially now that he's 35. He is a savvy pitcher though, so he has compensated for that by working in secondary pitches more effectively. With Greinke, you always get the reliability factor but due to the velo dropping, it feels like there
  6. Projected line-ups often end up not looking at all like the actual line-ups as the season progresses. Brantley is a pure hitter, I'd draft with confidence except the part where I cross my fingers that he stays healthy. He seems to have a better chance of doing that if he's at 1B fairly often.
  7. The Baseball Forecaster is my bible. The Fantasy Black Book is a fun and fairly useful read that simplifies the tiers and makes some good points, but dude really needs to get a proofreader and/or copy editor, the thing is riddled with spelling errors and typos.
  8. He's had 42 at-bats in AAA this year, so he's not coming in completely cold, and he was fairly productive last year as a roster-depth kind of player. He's probably worth a flyer in a super-deep league, but it's a dice roll where the odds don't really favor him once the rest of their outfield gets healthy. I wouldn't use a top waiver claim or high FAAB bid on him, but in deep leagues where you're churning a roster spot, it wouldn't be the worst thing to take a chance.
  9. For his career, Albers has 2 saves and 25 blown saves.
  10. Some of the mythos is gone due to the above stated reasons, but it still has way more of that than any other major league sport.
  11. I had forgotten about that site, but just looked at it and it's great!
  12. His MLB stats so far are not that inspiring (98 IP, 64 K's, 4.94 ERA, 1.62 WHIP), although his track record in the minors was better. Going to San Diego will hopefully help enough to put him on a "watch list," but he's already 26 so maybe he is what he is as a major leaguer.
  13. Also, fox sports http://www.foxsports.com/mlb/stats?season=2017&category=PITCHING+RELIEF&group=1&sort=7&time=0&pos=0&qual=1&sortOrder=0&splitType=128 I don't think you can export stats from the above, but if you're just looking for holds category in general, these at least give the info.
  14. mlb.com has it ... you go to player stats, click the arrow button that says 'next stats' to access it, as it's not on the front page of main statistics. Here's a super-long link that I'm not sure will work, but if it doesn't just go to mlb.com sortable stats and you can find as indicated above. http://mlb.mlb.com/stats/sortable.jsp#elem=[object+Object]&tab_level=child&click_text=Sortable+Player+pitching&game_type='R'&season=2017&season_type=ANY&league_code='MLB'&sectionType=sp&statType=pitching&page=1&ts=1508174573221&timeframe=&
  15. The Soriano comparison isn't really too much hype, it's actually what a lot of the scouting reports (including Baseball America) said he was capable of.
  16. About a week ago, it was reported that Dusty Baker was just trying to help Brandon Kintzler reach 30 saves and that he would be working him in here & there to try to reach that goal so this is not really a big deal at this point. He will probably continue to use Doolittle once Kintzler has his 30th save locked down. I'm not a Dusty fan by any means, just sayin' ...
  17. ... or you could look at Daniel Murphy now - scrub infielder turned professional hitter.
  18. Exactly, it's like he makes one wrong little step out there and then he's out of action for several days... has definitely been a theme with this dude.
  19. Baseball Reference is your friend. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/k/kendrho01.shtml
  20. I know, super-boring question about apples/oranges players but just wondering who you think is worth a hold for rest of season in terms of pure offense ... Schebler is slumping horribly (down to .228 BA now and like 4-for-50 or something monumental like that post-ASB) and Kendrick may end up being a super-utility guy in D.C. after Trea Turner/Werth/Michael Taylor return to the fold.
  21. Baseball is a grind, my friend. Players get rested once in a while. Peralta has a bit of an injury history too, so I would call it good managing.
  22. Managers lie occasionally about these things, so I don't think it's totally off-base to speculate on Swarzak ... I also remember everyone said Madson was the Nats' closer a few days ago and the first save opp went to Doolittle.
  23. I wouldn't really worry unless he misses tomorrow's game.
  24. I don't see any reason why it won't be a near-duplicate of his first half given full health. If he somehow learns how to hit better in the home park, there could be some extra upside, though.
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