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  1. The above is a good point. Maybe Fisher will be more Marisnick-like in terms of SB's
  2. They also don't have a lot of SB guys in their line-up right now, which is of course also usually a factor in these situations.
  3. The Astros are actually around 15th in the MLB in steal attempts this year.
  4. Yeah, close to dropping in my 12-team mixed league. He's just flat-out not producing and we're getting into mid-June. In most leagues, there are several outfielders on the wire putting up better numbers.
  5. He's performing like a Top 40-45 SP this year and is 21st in MLB in strike-outs. If he just has a hiccup once in a while and otherwise strings together a few good starts in a row here and there, he'll be just like most pitchers in the 35-50 range. If you have him as a back-end starter, there's really no reason to be disappointed, in fact you should be happy with the results so far.
  6. Schwarber was given everyday AB's for about the first 4-6 weeks of the season and did nothing with them.
  7. I read up on the spleen removal a bit ... the sources say people without a spleen are more likely to contract serious infections (lots of links out there, e.g. mayo clinic, webmd, etc.). Of course, they have things to treat it and his current injury has nothing to do with the spleen and is not an infection, but it's not exactly comforting, either.
  8. He might end up like J.D. Drew - great talent, but constantly breaking down. It's obviously too early to say, but he is already kind of reminding me of him in that way. Hope for his sake he rebounds but I'd rather not own him unless I got him at a decent value.
  9. That's a very legit question. In a 12-team redraft I'd probably drop him, but maybe keep in an NL-only or deep/keeper league. Sometimes players have lost seasons regardless of the reason/hardship. Even if he doesn't get a half-season suspension, players who are distracted by this sort of thing tend not to perform very well while the black cloud is hanging over them. Besides that, he's hitting what, .210 with 3 homers anyways, so you're not losing much statistically in a redraft league if you cut bait right now.
  10. Interesting read for Jimmy Nelson owners or for those looking to "buy low" from team owners with the same opinion as Deke. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/the-brewers-might-have-an-actual-ace/
  11. The stats do back him up, though. I was just looking at home/road splits and at home, Cincy has an +.800 OPS and 2nd most runs in MLB. To your point though, the Reds also have the 4th-most K's for home ballpark teams. For total games, Cincinnati's offense is top 5 in runs scored and OPS and about middle of the pack in K's. They must really like swinging for the fences in the bandbox so I'm betting on a 6 IP, 4 ER with 5-7 K's type of performance. One of those "won't help you/won't hurt you" type of performance unless you need the K's. It wouldn't be a total shocker if h
  12. Based on his recent track record, Dahl is the kind of player who will get injured during his minor league rehab street ... perhaps he will become the Huston Street of position players? I say this as a frustrated Dave Dahl owner who might try to sell high if he gets a full week or two of good production whenever he does end up returning (post-ASB or perhaps 2018 the way this is going).
  13. Pretty much every injury that was first described by the team or media outlets as "no big deal" has ended up in a long DL stint. Hopefully Wood won't be sidelined more than a couple of weeks, but Murphy's Law has been prevailing so far this year.
  14. Not starting him... I can totally see him cruising along for three innings today and then unraveling the second time through the order as usual. I look at him as more of a match-up play, and I have a bad feeling about today's start. Hope I'm wrong...
  15. ?? His numbers the last few years don't really back up this claim. Hasn't aged well??? He hasn't had under 200 IP or 190 K's since 2009. The WHIP has gone up a bit, but the ERA's been holding fairly steady the last three years ... he's also done all of this while pitching in hitter-friendly ballparks.
  16. This guy has been hot garbage so far this year ...
  17. He may just be the second coming of Melvin Upton Jr. over the long haul ... just sayin'
  18. Here's a link to an article about the new pitch ... http://m.mlb.com/news/article/219796520/brewers-jimmy-nelson-finds-new-pitch/
  19. Auctioning right now on fantrax and the site went down, it's been a half-hour now ... ugh
  20. It's changed the whole way I analyze stats for fantasy baseball purposes and has actually increased the number of winning teams I have in fantasy baseball. It takes a while to absorb all the info, but it goes so deep into statistics that it gives you a great look at all of the statistical measures that give you a better look at each player's underlying skill set. All of this makes it easier to do your own forecasting on players that goes beyond what their basic stats were for the previous year. It can also help you figure out which players might be overvalued and due for regression. It's not p
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